Govt instructs e-commerce firms to exclude Bournvita from the category of health drinks

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has issued an advisory to e-commerce companies to remove drinks like Bournvita from the category of ‘health drinks’ due to high sugar levels. The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights found the product did not meet safety standards.

The advisory was issued after an investigation by the NCPCR revealed that Bournvita contains sugar levels above acceptable limits. The FSSAI has also instructed e-commerce portals against labelling diary-based or malt-based beverages as ‘health drinks’. The controversy arose after a YouTuber highlighted the harmful ingredients in Bournvita.

The NCPCR found that there is no definition of ‘health drink’ under the FSS Act 2006, leading them to direct e-commerce companies to remove such products from their platforms. The FSSAI has been asked to take action against companies not meeting safety standards. It is imperative for companies to adhere to regulations and guidelines to protect consumers’ health.


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