Scientists unravel the mechanisms through which exercise can reverse the ageing process

Exercise Can Help Reverse Ageing, Study Reveals

New Delhi, April 12 (IANS) – A recent study conducted by scientists from Amsterdam University Medical Center suggests that exercise can stop the build-up of lipids in the body’s tissues, thereby aiding in reversing ageing. The study, published in Nature Aging, identified specific lipids indicating tissue ageing that can be decreased through exercise.

The team, led by Professor Riekelt Houtkooper and Assistant Professor Georges Janssens, found that certain lipids called bis (monoacylglycero) phosphates (BMPs) were elevated in older animals’ tissues and muscle biopsies of older adults. However, after just one hour of daily exercise, the level of BMPs decreased significantly, highlighting the importance of physical activity in combating ageing.

Professor Houtkooper expressed, “The idea that we could reverse ageing is something that was long considered science fiction, but these findings do allow us to understand a lot more about the ageing process.” Assistant Professor Janssens added, “By understanding more about the ageing process, we can also look into new ways of intervening.”

The study delved into the effects of fat composition on muscles, kidneys, liver, and heart in mice, shedding light on the potential benefits of exercise in age reversal. While the results are promising, the researchers emphasized the need for further studies to fully comprehend the role of physical activity in halting the ageing process.


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