Grandparents’ Day (USA) 2021 Date, History, Celebration, Activities and More

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Every Year, National Grandparents Day is celebrated on the Second Sunday of September in the United States of America. The day aims to show the bond of love between Grandparents and Grandchildren. Along with the US, the day is also celebrated in Canada, and Estonia on the same day. Let us tell you more about National Grandparents’ Day of USA like, it’s 2021 Date, History, Celebration, Activities and a lot more.

Grandparents’ Day (USA) 2021 Date

As the day is celebrated every year on the Second Sunday of September, this year (2021) the second Sunday of September is falling on 12 September.

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The first National Grandparents’ Day in the USA was celebrated on 10 September 1978. Actually, this was the wish of a nine-year-old boy named, Russell Capper. In 1969 Russell sent a letter to that time US President Richard Nixon and ask him to dedicate a day to Grandparents. A Secretory of President Nixon replied to this stating, President liked your idea, but they are not able to declare the day without the resolution of the Congress. After, 8 years on 3 May 1978 a resolution was passed to celebrated every year the Second Sunday of September as National Grandparents’ Day in the Country.

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Celebration Ideas or Activities

  • Call or Spend Time with Them 
  • Plan an Activity with your Grandparents
  • Send a Card or Gift to them
  • Learn Your Family History 

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