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Guru Ravidas Jayanti 2022 Date, History, Significance, Importance, Celebration, and More

According to the Hindi calendar, Sant Guru Ravidas Jayanti is celebrated on the full moon date in the month of Magha. Satguru Ravidas ji is one of those special great men of India who emphasized self-knowledge, unity, brotherhood to the whole world through his spiritual words.

Guru Ravidas Jayanti 2022 Date

Sant Ravidas was born on the full moon date of Magha month on the basis of the Hindu calendar, so Guru Ravidas Jayanti is celebrated every year on Magh Purnima. Accordingly, this year this birth anniversary will be celebrated on Wednesday, February 16.


Guru Ravidas Ji used to be a great saint, philosopher, poet, social reformer, and follower of God in India in the 15th-16th century. He was a very famous saint of the Nirguna sect, who led the Bhakti movement in northern India. His father’s name was Raghu and his mother’s name was Ghurwinia. From childhood, Sant Ravi used to do every work with dedication and attention. Always used to help in father’s work. Everyone was pleased with his sweet speech and behavior.

Sant Ravidas ji tried to work by rising from the discrimination prevailing in the society. They worshiped the Lord by doing devotion and meditation. Pt. Sharda Nand was very impressed with him and his behavior. He believed that one-day Ravidas would be spiritually enlightened and would become a great social reformer.

He was married at a young age to Lona Devi. She was a gentle and religious woman. Sant Ravidas taught people that if one does not believe in his caste, religion, or God, then he is known only for his great deeds (Karma). He also worked against the system of untouchability in society by the upper caste people for the lower caste people. It is believed by some of his followers that he died naturally after 120 or 126 years of his life. Some believed that he died in 1540 in Varanasi (the place of his birth).

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Significance, and Importance

Guru Ravidas Jayanti marks the birth of Ravidas Ji. Ravidas Ji is known for his efforts in eradicating the caste system. He has also contributed to the Bhakti movement and is recognized as a good friend of Kabir. Guru Ravidas Jayanti has a special significance among people who follow Raidas Panth, not only those who follow Ravidas, but also others who respect Ravidas in some way, such as some Kabirpanthis, Sikhs, and other gurus. followers, too.


On this day special programs of kirtan-bhajan are organized in temples and monasteries. Jhakias are taken out in many places. In addition, cultural programs are also organized at many places. In these, the life story of Sant Ravidas ji is narrated. People make it a goal to follow in the footsteps of Saint and Mahatma Ravidas ji. In satsang, the compositions of Sant Ravidas ji are sung in bhajan kirtan. People pay homage to Sant Ravidas ji with devotion.

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