How to Become a Cricketer?

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Cricket is the second most favorite game all over the World after Football. It has a fan base of estimate 2.5 Billion Fans all over the world. And Estimate 40% Fans of cricket all over the world are from India. Cricket in India known as a Religion, People worship Bat and Ball in India.

According to a Survey in India 8 out of 10 Children want to choose cricket as their Career. But this survey also says That only 1 out of 65 children join Cricket Academy. There are 440 million children in India. So if you want to become a Cricketer you have to face a very tough challenge. But Don’t Worry if you do hard work with Courage, then you would definitely be a Successful Cricketer.

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So Let’s Know how you can Become a Crickter:

How to Become a Cricketer: Precondition

Becoming a Professional Cricketer is not Easy, Only playing Good Cricket is not Enough, if you want to become a Professional Successful Cricketer. To become a Successful cricketer you have to acquire some other skills like:

Primary Knowledge of the Game: Only knowing how to Grip Bat and How to Use Bowl is not Enough. You should have to Know some basic Knowledge about Cricket Like the Rules and regulations of Cricket, Equipment used in Cricket, etc.

Knowing your Strongpoint: You have to check whether you are a Good Batsmen, or You are a Good Bowler or You are Good in Both of Terms.

Practice: Practice makes men perfect. You need to regular practice on your Strongpoints. To keep Improvement and Become a Master.

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Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to become a Professional Cricketer, Then follow the Steps given below:

1. Join a Cricket Academy

If you want to be one of those 11 national Players, then the most important step to join a Cricket Academy. Learning from a Professional coach is very important. Because the coach will find your Strongpoint and help you to Continuously improve your Strongpoint. with this, you should also have to do Self-practice.

2. Find the Right Coach and Academy

While choosing a Coach and Academy, Research about his Background that how many players from that Academy become successful at National or International Levels. Also, check that the academy organizes academic tournaments with other Coaching academies or not?.

How many coaches in that academy per Student, This means if in an Academy has 1 Coach per 45 Students. Then how 1 Coach can train 45 Students every day. Check that the Academy has all three types of Pitches Green, Dusty and Dead or Not?

3. Join a Professional Team

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If you want to start your Cricketing career as a Professional Cricketer, You have to start playing for a Professional Team. Playing for a College or School team will not give you an upper hand in this condition you have to join a Private Professional Club.

4. Join Tournaments

You have to Join Various Cricket Tournaments to Enhance your Cricket Experience and Know your Challenges. To play for your Club you have to go to various parts of The Country. And There you should have to Do well, to come in the eyes of National Selectors. Like if you do well there you can also be selected by State Level Teams to play in Ranji Trophy like National Tournament. Playing in National Tournaments will also Help you to Enhance your Expertise in this field.

5. Work on Your Body

To Become an India A Player you have to Pass YOYO Test? for that you have to intake a balanced Diet, And To you should have to workout hard Daily in the Gym.

National Cricket Team Selection

All the Countries who play Cricket have (A) Teams with their national Teams. To selected as a National Player, You should have to Become (A) Player. The (A) Team will play with Other Countries at International Level.

Apart from playing for National Team, you can Also Play for Franchise in Tournaments like IPL India, BBL Australia, CPL West Indies, PSL Pakistan, and Many Others. But if you are an Indian Player then you should only Participate in IPL (Indian Premier League) According to BBCI Guidelines.

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