How to become a SAFe® Scrum Master!

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Becoming a SAFe Scrum Master is an advanced role, desirable to those who have an understanding of Scrum,  the SAFe® framework, and business operations. Primarily, businesses are always on the lookout for digital engineers who can apply the principles and values of scaled agile to the entire organization. The difference between a certified scrum master and someone with SAFe® Scrum Master certification. A certified scrum master has the responsibility of looking after a particular scrum team, but a SAFe Scrum Master has a much wider responsibility. They have to utilize their knowledge of Scrum and Agile and help to apply it to the workings of the entire organization. They have direct influence over a much larger group of operations, and hence they need to be well-read and well-trained individuals. This is where the certification comes in, as it proves that they have the capacity to become capable Scrum Masters in leading and developing scrum-based working in a business

SAFe® Scrum Master Training Program:

The process of training individuals to become scrum masters is a simple enough process. All you need to do is get in touch with an affiliated trainer and pay the required tuition fees for the course. The course which is designed by the Scale Agile organization is a two-day course followed by a live interactive workshop in order to train individuals on how to deploy and manage scrum teams in an organization.

There are no particular prerequisites required for doing the course, and absolutely anyone can take it. However, knowledge of topics such as Agile concepts and principles, Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme Programming along with an idea of how to develop software and hardware are all useful for the learning process. The course is advisable for people who are Scrum Masters, Project Managers, team leaders, agile coaches, and business analysts. The course will teach you how to organize scrum teams and events, supporting effective iteration execution, executing program incentives, keep on providing support for development relentlessly, and maximize positive business outcomes.

After completing the SAFe Scrum Master Certification you can formally take over the roles of a Scrum Master in business organizations. For further studies, you can try undergoing the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master training, SAFe Product Owner course, SAFe Product Manager course, Release Train Engineer, and SAFe Program Consultant. All these courses will improve your intuition and familiarize you even more with the nuances of the Scaled Agile framework. 

In conclusion, after all this, you must still be wondering why you should do the SAFe Scrum Master course. The truth is that the role of a Scrum master is highly in demand by many business settings that are looking to integrate more digital technology in their operations. Secondly, this certification is proof of your capability in scaling Agile across the enterprise. The course is not too expensive, and because of the lack of any prerequisites, it has a very low barrier of entry! 

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