ICR App – A Comprehensive way of Recognizing Complex Handwriting

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The vast development in this world is combating many unusual crimes that are drastically ruining the reputation of businesses, because of that, highly developed technologies are striving for the support of the institutions to execute their activities. Furthermore, the coronavirus breakdown is like icing on a cake, which is shaking the productivity and reputation of the authoritative businesses and transforming all activities from traditional to digital. Hence, it is not an easy task for systems to verify a large number of credentials of clients respectively, specially such data that is written in very bad and cursive handwriting, which is not understood conveniently. To deal with these consequences, ICR software is introduced, used in systems, it is an automated data extraction compliance ascertained in 1993 by Joseph Corcoran.  

How is ICR Technology an Enhanced Version Of OCR?

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) is an established form of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) SaaS, whose basic objective is to detect printed and cursive handwritten characters, but the ICR application is developed to get understand the language of complex printed and handwritten documents accurately and in real-time. ICR app is adept for extracting text from images, or in other words, it is an advanced form of OCR algorithm. Therefore, the ICR app is always improving but is still working on updating the ICR application so that it can be used to come up in reputation for accurate outcomes. It is not ignorable that it is a fact that the ICR mobile app is still in the learning phase, and the more it performs, the more it will improve in providing accurate results. In addition, its ability to update writing styles and fonts depends on the artificial intelligence network and is interpreted by the self-learning mechanism of ICR software. This clearly shows that every time a new font or style is scanned, it goes through an automated ICR process and is saved to the database.

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Use-cases Of Character Recognition App

 ICR is software that serves many industries, for better understanding it is mandatory to have an eye on some examples, such as pharmacies, translation apps, financial institutions, healthcare sectors, etc. to read the names of drugs written by doctors, it is obvious that doctors’ handwriting, not so clear or straightforward as it could be anyone’s, for this reason sometimes some inexperienced pharmacists use the ICR app to read the name of the drug. On the other hand, many healthcare industries also practice this app to extract characters by analyzing the drug insert, which may be quite old and unable to read, therefore, it allows doctors to easily read old prescriptions. In this way, ICR document scanners perform the verification processes digitally in many institutions.

Benefits of ICR Software

  1. Accommodates secure and autocratic data 
  2. Extorts the text from handwritten documents and transform it into an editable note 
  3. It can easily recognize the cursive handwriting 
  4. It can achieve more documents that belonged to OCR technology 
  5. Compete with traditional data entry and diminishes its  use  for the process of entry  
  6. Suspends the feasibilities of human error
  7. Abbreviates human endeavor 

The only disadvantage of intelligent character recognition (ICR) SaaS is that it is still struggling with its evolution.

How Character Recognition App (ICR) Is Serving In Banks? 

Verification of files is mandatory for the authentication of the identity of an entity, an individual is certainly bound to take a selfie and different genuine verification documents, that are collected and verified via ICR technology. Then, the records are cross-matched within the back office, which recognizes that the entity is genuine, not a fraud.  Hence, all this is a mechanism performed by organizations to keep the popularity and performance in their work.


Concluding the above conversation it is assumed that the ICR technology is very working very efficiently, and is designed with modern technology to obstruct the data from the documents of the entities for verification reasons. It is established taking into account the current crime ratios which are increasing day by day, as the percentage of the universe is becoming digitized.

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