Impact of 5G on Pharmaceutical Sales

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5G internet capability is essentially equivalent to Wi-Fi, but is faster and more accessible, as it is emitted through cell phone towers. This increases the connectivity of sales teams and helps establish an internet of things. Pharmaceutical sales teams can benefit through this technology by working across territories with different lines of drugs. Scheduled visits to doctors will also increase in volume, as 5G technology increases control over a pharmaceutical sales force.

5G increases connectivity and helps you manage sales teams remotely to achieve better control and increased revenues. Sales team location tracking, productivity management, and reporting help increase work transparency for proper sales operations. Field sales monitoring apps like SalesQ can help you take advantage of 5G for seamless pharmaceutical sales agent management.

Ways in Which 5G Will Change Pharmaceutical Sales

Pharmaceutical sales will benefit from 5G due to its increased speed of data transfer and connectivity to monitor sales teams in the following ways:

Manage Customer Drug Preferences

Pharmaceutical companies deal with various doctors and pharmacies on a daily basis. Customers have preferences as to the type of drugs they procure, and doctors have preferences on the drugs they prescribe, and it is essential to create customer profiles to note their preferences. This can help the pharmaceutical sales team share information easily as anyone can look up customer profiles. SalesQ helps your pharmaceutical sales force to create customer profiles and share customer information on the go, thanks to the speed and connectivity of 5G.

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Make Robust Reports

Salesforce metrics like target achievement, sales per rep, and inventory turnover are some aspects that can be tracked to create versatile reports that give insight to sales activities. Pharmaceutical sales agent performance can be measured, and sales processes can be adjusted by using 5G to collect data from reps’ phones to produce interactive dashboards and reports. These can help track latent trends and help remedy any shortcomings in the performance of the sales team to produce greater revenue.

Enable Remote Monitoring

5G devices have more battery life and better connectivity, which makes remote monitoring of sales reps easier. Geo-fencing makes sure reps check-in from where they are supposed to be, so there are no missed sales because a rep shows up late. This also increases the authenticity of field agent reports and nudges pharmaceutical sales agents to perform better. SalesQ provides you with the capability to track sales force location to make sure that reps are at the right place at the right time, so doctor, store, and territory visits take place as scheduled.

Share Strategic Insights

Selling drugs can require having vast knowledge on different lines of medicines, and there are sales reps who specialize in certain sectors, like cardiac drugs. Doctors need to be educated on what each drug is capable of, its administration, and any side effects. There are constant modifications to drugs, and sales managers need to keep their reps updated about [k23] any modifications. Strategic insights can be shared at a central hub thanks to 5G, which will be accessible to all reps in the field instantly.

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Maintain a Drug Catalog

Pharmaceutical industries have different production units that produce various lines of drugs. The distribution of such a vast range of drugs can be cumbersome. Sales reps also have to display their available products to clients. A database with drug skus can help the pharmaceutical sales team display your offerings to customers and access key information on drugs that can make the sales operations process smooth. SalesQ offers a system that can keep track of product inventory skus to help with drug sales.


5G is set to revolutionize technology and sales as we know it, by breathing life into the internet of things. This will help manage pharmaceutical sales reps through their phones for greater visibility and accountability. sales can help manage a pharmaceutical sales team through 5G for increased revenues. Sign up for a 14-day free trial now, and get access to a plethora of free and customizable apps by CloudApper.

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