Indian Government Approval for Musk’s Starlink Satellite Constellation Imminent

Tech billionaire Elon Musk’s Starlink, satellite-based internet service, has reportedly received tentative approval from the Ministry of Communications in India ahead of his visit to the country. The approval awaits final clearance by the Home Ministry regarding security issues and licensing conditions. Once approved, it will be issued a GMPCS license to operate in India.

Musk’s previous attempt to launch Starlink in India faced hurdles due to disagreements with the government over licensing. The latest attempt in November 2022 led to the cancellation of planned trials. However, with the recent passing of The Telecommunications Bill 2023, the spectrum allocation for satellite-based services has become easier, benefitting companies like Starlink.

The upcoming visit of Elon Musk to India is expected to bring big announcements, including the launch of Starlink and investments in the country ranging from $2 billion to $3 billion. Musk’s meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi is anticipated to further solidify plans for the expansion of his ventures in India, along with addressing any remaining regulatory issues.

The commercial and technical aspects of Starlink’s operations have been scrutinized, and upon receiving approval from Communications Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, the satellite internet service will be one step closer to providing communication services in India. With the potential opening up of the Indian market to satellite-based services, Musk’s visit is eagerly anticipated by stakeholders in the tech and communications sectors.


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