Samsung develops the fastest DRAM chip for AI applications in the industry

In a groundbreaking development, Samsung has announced the creation of the industry’s first low-power double data rate 5X (LPDDR5X) DRAM chip for AI applications. The new chip boasts high performance of up to 10.7 Gbps, marking a significant improvement in both speed and capacity compared to previous models.

Low-power, high-performance LPDDR chips are becoming increasingly important in the on-device AI market. Samsung’s latest LPDDR5X products, developed with 12 nanometer-class process technology, are the smallest in size among existing LPDDR chips, further cementing the company’s position as a leader in the low-power DRAM sector.

A company spokesperson stated, “Samsung will continue to innovate and deliver optimized products for the upcoming on-device AI era through close collaboration with customers.” Mass production of the LPDDR5X is set to commence in the second half of the year, pending verification by mobile application processor and device providers.

The unveiling of Samsung’s LPDDR5X DRAM chip represents a significant step forward in the field of AI technology. The chip’s impressive performance and capacity enhancements are expected to further drive the adoption of on-device AI solutions in various industries. This groundbreaking innovation is sure to set a new standard for memory solutions tailored for AI applications.


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