Indian student aged 24 shot and killed in Canada

In a tragic incident, 24-year-old Indian student Chirag Antil was shot dead in his car in the Sunset neighborhood of Vancouver, Canada on April 12. Vancouver Police responded to residents’ calls after gunshots were heard and found Chirag deceased inside a vehicle.

Authorities have not made any arrests in connection with the case and an investigation is ongoing. Congress NSUI chief Varun Choudhary has reached out to the Ministry of External Affairs for assistance to Chirag’s family, urging for justice to be swiftly served.

Chirag’s family is raising funds on GoFundMe for the repatriation of his body. His brother Romit Antil, residing in Haryana, shared that he used to speak with Chirag daily and had spoken to him on the day of the tragic incident. Chirag had recently completed his MBA at University Canada West and received his work permit in Vancouver after moving there in September 2022.


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