Indian Mission in Israel Releases New Advisory, Urges Citizens to Remain Calm

The Indian mission in Israel issued an advisory for its nationals to remain safe and calm after Iran’s attack on Israel. The embassy urged Indian nationals to follow safety protocols and provided emergency helpline numbers for assistance.

The Indian mission in Israel posted an advisory urging Indian nationals to stay calm and adhere to safety protocols in the region. The embassy is closely monitoring the situation, in touch with Israeli authorities, and ensuring the safety of all nationals.

India expressed serious concern on Sunday over the escalating tension between Israel and Iran. The country called for restraint, stepping back from violence, and returning to diplomacy amidst the attacks. Iran’s actions have drawn condemnation from world powers.

Israel was attacked by ballistic missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles from Iran on Saturday. About 100 drones out of the 400-500 launched were intercepted by allied countries such as the US, Jordan, and Britain. The Indian embassy provided emergency helpline numbers for assistance to Indian nationals in Israel.


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