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International Surfing Day 2022: Top Quotes, Images, Posters, Messages, Slogans To Celebrate



International Surfing Day

Every year on June 20th, International Surfing Day is commemorated. This day honors surfing and its way of life. Despite events planned in more than 30 nations on International Surfing Day, the club’s global reach is undeniable.

Surfing is defined as the ability to ride a wave, whether or not the surfers had used it aboard. It also doesn’t issue what stance someone takes as long as they’re “riding a wave.” In contemporary days, most surfers navigate waves while standing on a surfboard.

For generations, surfing has been an important aspect of Mainland Southeast Asia. In 1767 and 1769, Europeans spotted locals surfing in Tahiti.


The technique of surfing in Hawaii is referenced in Captain James Hook’s records, written by Lieutenant James King in 1779. When reporting on a journey to Hawaii in 1866, Mark Twain mentioned it.

Barbecues, movie screenings, surf competitions, and other surfing-related activities are all part of this global celebration. Beach clean-ups and habitat rehabilitation are among the initiatives that employees worked on to improve barrier protection.

International Surfing Day: Way To Celebrate

Take part in one of the scheduled activities or organize your own. Donate to the Surfrider Foundation’s mission. When posting on social media, use the hashtag #SurfingDay.


International Surfing Day: History

The Surfrider Foundation established International Surfing Day in 2004.

Top Quotes, Images, Posters, Messages, Slogans To Celebrate

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