Israel prepares for six-week Rafah operation following Ramadan

The Israel government is preparing for a final operation in the Rafah region in Gaza as talks in Qatar fail. The operation will be conducted three days after Ramadan. Israeli Defense Forces have briefed the war cabinet on the logistics.

The plan involves shifting the civilian population from Gaza to ensure no hostages are taken out. The IDF has surveillance plans using drones to monitor civilian movement. Hamas presence in Rafah is limited to four battalions, as per defense ministry sources.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has informed Egyptian President el-Sissi about the upcoming operation. Former Hamas chief Khaled Mashal has stated that Hamas will fight the battle against Israel’s offensive. Israel’s military is gearing up for the incursion into Rafah.

The region is densely populated with 1.3 million Palestinians living in makeshift tents and buildings. Most displaced from north and central Gaza have moved to Rafah. The operation will be a crucial step in ensuring the safety of Israeli hostages and dismantling Hamas presence in the area.


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