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8 Best Jun Ji-Hyun Korean Drama Series to binge watch after a long day at Work

The famous actress Jun Ji-Hyun is one of the most established actresses in the South Korean industry. She also goes by her English name ‘Gianna Jun’. Due to her contribution to the entertainment industry, she has received many awards including Grand Bell Award and Daesang for Television at the Baeksang Art Awards. Listed below are some of the best Jun Ji-Hyun Korean Drama Series that you enjoy in your free time. 

Top 8 Jun Ji-Hyun Korean Drama Series

1. Kingdom

Jun Ji-Hyun Korean Drama Series

In the Jun Ji-Hyun Korean drama series, a lot of fake rumours are being circulated about the ill King and his Kingdom, the only hope left is their crown prince and his skills to tackle the deadly plague spreading among his city and its people. If you are looking for fantasy drama then this is right on your alley. 

2. Legend of the Blue Sea

Legend of the Blue Sea

The name in itself explains what the series is all about. It revolves around a mermaid from Joseon time who accidentally comes to present-day Seoul. In the real world, she meets a swindler that has mysterious ties who someone from her past. 

3. My Sassy Girl

My Sassy Girl

A young man minding his own business sees a drunk girl standing too close to the metro station indicating she might hurt herself. In order to avoid the unavoidable he pulls her back and helps her to understand her surroundings. But later due to her behaviour, the guy gets into a lot of trouble. 

4. My Love from Another Star

My Love from Another Star

A cute love story between an alien and a girl. Do Min- Joon is an alien that has been living on Earth for 400 years. Finally, the day has come to go to his home in the coming 3 months. Meanwhile, he crosses paths with a famous actress Chun Song-Yi and now he has second thoughts about leaving the earth. 

5. The Thieves

The Thieves

A mind-boggling thriller where a group of thieves have recently made a heist in South Korea and are now targeting a casino in Macau for their $30M diamond. The story takes an interesting turn when it is revealed that the heist is planned by an unreliable person. Now whom to trust is the question. 

6. Il Mare

Il Mare

Back in 1999, a voice actor is moving out of II Mare, a seaside house. He decides to leave behind a Christmas Card in a mysterious mailbox. Fast forward to 1997, an architecture student receives it and a loving friendship with a 2-year difference starts. 

7. Jirisan


The story tells a tale of rangers and employees of Jirisan National Park who are planning to climb the mysterious and unexplored areas of the Mountain Jiri. If you are looking for a web series filled with action, thriller and suspense then this is right up your alley. 

8. Assassination 


In 1933, Korea is occupied by the Japanese army but there is resistance to killing the Japanese Commander and getting their land back. But soon their plan is threatened by the inside mole, along with the outside forces planning to kill them. 

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