Low-Cost Ideas for Spending Time with Family

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If you did not spend lockdown with your family fighting over the remote, keeping your distance around the kitchen table, or making hilarious TikToks together, there is a chance that you might want to start spending some quality time with them again.

That being said, there are still COVID rules in place, and not many have excessive disposable income to splurge on trying new things. However – that does not mean that you cannot step out of the house and try something new for not much money. If you are looking for some low-cost ideas that you can try and see you spending time with your family, keep reading.

Go Camping!

Camping is a much cheaper alternative to going on holiday, especially when more of the family want to get involved. There are so many beautiful places you can call your home for a week for less money than it could cost for one night in a hotel, and you also get to spend more time together in the fresh air.

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If you do have elderly relatives that might be happy to get down on the floor to sleep but worry about managing to get back up again, then perhaps opting for a cheaper form of accommodation such as a motel will help keep the price down but also keep your grandparents’ knees intact. You can find some deals which let Seniors Save Up To 10%, too!

Have A Cook-Off

Dining out can still be more hassle than it’s worth, especially when everywhere is so busy with people trying to make up for a lost time. Skip having your dinner delivered cold to your cramped table and opt for having a cook-off with each other! 

You can set the theme to anything you like and either have a competition or each brings a dish to create a special family banquet. 

Build Your Own Family Obstacle Course

It will take a bit of effort and creativity, but creating your own family obstacle course can offer hours of fun for all of the family. Create ‘the floor is lava’ with pillows, get the couch cushions off and create a ‘rest fort’, buy some cheap hula hoops or bowling pins from the dollar store and get busy! 

If you cannot afford to spend on any extras and you have some boxes lying around – head over to Pinterest and get inspired by what you can make. Did you know – you can create a crazy golf course out of boxes?

Outside Cinema Movie Night

Many have been cramped up in the same place for well over a year, so getting to do the activities they enjoy doing but with a new twist can be fun. Invite your family over for a garden cinema party, where you can lay blankets down, bring your own snacks, and project a film of your choice onto a wide sheet. You will need a projector for this, but you can find one cheap online, or even from a thrift store – and don’t forget, you can use it again and again!

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