Meaning of unique number which randomly displays on the TV screen

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In today’s time, TV is present at everyone’s home. Everyone watches TV. As long as there is a thing of choice going on the channel, let’s watch. After this, the channel changes as soon as the add comes. People are focused on the program. But have you ever seen the numbers emerging on the TV screen?

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These numbers do not always appear on the screen. Sometimes they appear on the screen and then disappear. People do not even pay attention to these numbers. But let us tell you that these numbers do not appear on the screen for nothing. They have a lot of important work. If you do not even know what these numbers mean, then let us give you the information today…

In 2021, however, most people like to watch videos and Movies on Smartphones. But TV remains present in homes. No matter how much online video and movies you watch, people definitely turn on the TV. But sometimes you see random numbers on your TV set. Have you ever wondered why these numbers appear?

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Random Number on TV Screen

These numbers fall on the side of the screen. People ignore them or irritate and wait for its disappearance. This number also cannot be removed from the remote. Because of this, this number sometimes troubles people. But this number does not flash to irritate you.

These numbers flash during almost every popular show. Whether it is a recorded show or a live match. Let us know that the number which appears on your screen is generated from your setup box. This number will not be seen on any other TV.

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If you check the number in another TV set at the same time, you will see another number there. Each setup box flashes its different number during the program. This is done to prevent piracy.

Many people record live matches or popular shows and upload the entire show live on the Internet. It includes shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati to Bigg Boss. If a program is recording and this number appears on the screen, then it will not be able to upload it anywhere.

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Any program used to be recorded when telecasted by cable. So the government focused on the setup box. Due to these numbers, no program can record and upload. So you also know the real reason for the number appearing on the screen.

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