MediBuddy Healthcare Platform Reaches Break-Even Point in Fiscal Year 2024

New Delhi, April 17 (IANS) Digital healthcare platform MediBuddy has announced that it has reached break-even with a marginal loss in the previous fiscal year, moving towards EBITDA neutrality. The company has seen a significant increase in its user base by 2.4 times over the last three years, serving close to 3 crore people with over 1 crore subscribers.

According to Satish Kannan, Co-founder and CEO of MediBuddy, “By leveraging technology, our platform enhances doctor-patient interactions, fueling remarkable growth and expanding healthcare access nationwide.” The company is now focusing on exploring mergers and acquisitions opportunities in key healthcare areas such as chronic disease management, mental health, diabetes, women’s care, and weight management, supported by an $18 million capital pool.

MediBuddy has a network of over 90,000 doctors across more than 22 specialities, and works with over 7,100 hospitals and clinics. The company has also onboarded over 10,000 hospitals and diagnostic centers for all radiology and pathology investigations. Kannan stated, “We empower doctors through our platform, offering accessible care via video consultations, hospital visits, clinics, pharmacy deliveries, and diagnostic services.”

The company’s commitment to innovation and technology has led to its break-even milestone, as it continues to focus on providing quality healthcare services to its growing user base. MediBuddy’s emphasis on enhancing doctor-patient interactions and expanding healthcare access has contributed to its success in achieving break-even status in the previous fiscal year.


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