Modernising Tradition: Raksha Bandhan Celebration Ideas For Gen Zs

Are you tired of the dreary monotony that has plagued Raksha Bandhan events for far too long? Gen Z craves festivities filled with vivacious verve and panache. Fear not, fellow Gen Z fam! It’s high time we inject Raksha Bandhan with a jolt of our generation’s innovation, ideas and unique style. Design Raksha Bandhan stories for your Insta, exchange virtual gifts and celebrate in other creative ways to enjoy the holiday as a Gen Z-er. 

So, buckle up as we explore 6 cool Raksha Bandhan celebration ideas for Gen Z-ers. 

  1. Go Live! 

As proud Gen Z cool cats, our lives are so digitised today that sharing every aspect of it is practically second nature to us. We love the real-time aspect of things: from TikTok videos to Instagram stories to Facebook posts, and going live is a great way to invite all your friends and family members from across the world to join in on the celebrations. 

Whether you’re streaming on TikTok Live and making use of the collect new filter or reaching out to your followers on Instagram live, connecting and engaging with a live audience is always fun. Live streaming also allows us to share these delightful experiences with loved ones tens of thousands of kilometres away while breathing new life into an ancient celebration. 

Whether you’re tying rakis, exchanging presents, or just indulging in the fattest Gulab Jamun, sharing this day with your online followers and friends will be a special experience. So, let’s bring live streaming into our Raksha Bandhan offerings this year!

  1. Go All Out With Personalised DIY Rakhis

Creativity? Individuality? Aesthetics? When it comes to expressing our personalities, Gen Z-ers tend to go all out. Rather than buying the same-old store-bought rakhis, why not get those creative juices flowing by making DIY rakhis?

Consider the recipient’s favourite colours, patterns, symbolisms and more. From plain designs for minimalistic and modern siblings to funky, bright, and outlandish designs for party freak families, the possibilities are endless. 

Not to mention, the added appeal of the personal touch and effort put into making the rakhis makes this gift ever the more special. Nothing is more significant than sending a physical, decorated memory of your bond! Nothing says “I love you” more eloquently than a handmade gift.

  1. Organise A Virtual Sibling Challenge

Another great Gen-Z approved idea is a virtual sibling challenge on Raksha Bandhan. Celebrating Raksha Bandhan virtually with these challenges is an innovative way to revive the mood of the festival and stay connected with your siblings, regardless of distance. 

Given the sheer amount of social media and video messaging platforms out there, there is no limit to challenges we can hold. These include quizzes, charades and scavenger hunts. It not only reinforces the bond we share as siblings, but also fosters laughter and creates memories that we will undoubtedly hold onto long after the video call has ended. 

Let’s make the upcoming Raskha Bandhan a memorable one by gathering at the virtual sibling challenge and cherishing the festival with fun-filled virtual challenges that help keep your celebrations fun and interesting. Alongside of course, maintaining a healthy dose of competition in honour of your sibling relationship! It wouldn’t be Raksha Bandhan without some good-natured sibling rivalry!

  1. Scrapbooking: Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

Scrapbooking is a beautiful way to look back on our most treasured memories with our siblings and create new ones we can reminisce about for years to come. It is the perfect activity to get stuck into with your sibling this Raksha Bandhan. 

To start, gather your favourite photos, ticket stubs from concerts of your favourite bands, and other mementos that hold significance to your shared experiences. Then, spend time looking through and reminiscing about these things. Finally, choose a theme for your scrapbook, and using your creatively arranged materials, paste them onto the paper. Have fun with setting and composition — experiment with angles, contrasting colours and other elements to make your pages pop.

As you work on your scrapbook, take breaks to share the stories, anecdotes and inside jokes that accompany each photo or memento. This will help you learn more about each other and your shared interests and memories. And remember — it doesn’t have to be perfect. After all, Gen Z-er’s are all about finding perfection in imperfection! The beauty of scrapbooking lies in the authenticity of the memories it captures, so take it easy and enjoy the ride with your siblings.

  1. Host A Sibling Cook-Off

Do you and your sibling share a love for some seriously good food? Why not liven up your Raksha Bandhan celebration with a sibling cook-off? Whether you’re a serious Masterchef in training, or someone whose speciality is Maggi 2 minute noodles (no shade!), a friendly cooking competition is always a fun and exciting experience for everyone involved. 

First, pick a theme or cuisine you both love, whether it’s something nostalgic from your childhood or a trending dish you’ve been eager to try. Next, organise a date and time, and stock up on the necessary tools and ingredients. On the day of the cook-off, don your favourite apron and allow your creativity to flow as you bring the house down with some amazing dishes. Whether it’s that iconic baked feta pasta recipe (yum!) or something like the famous and fluffy cloud bread, the world is your oyster! 

Along the way, make sure to film your kitchen experiments, take a bunch of photos, swap pointers and perhaps even throw in a bit of friendly trash talk to keep things interesting. Once the stoves are off, get some friends and family to act as judges. Whether you crown a winner or simply enjoy the delicious fruits of your labour together, hosting a cook-off is sure to add a dash of excitement and flavour to your Raksha Bandhan celebration.

  1. Virtual Gift Exchange

Last but not least, if you want to take your Raksha Bandhan celebration to the next level, here’s a suggestion that’s especially relevant to Gen Z students who live far away from their siblings: host a virtual gift exchange. Undoubtedly, receiving gifts in person will always be special. However, our busy lives mean this is not always possible. But fret not, Gen Z fam: the simple solution is a virtual gift exchange. After all, who doesn’t love some online retail therapy on Amazon? It’s a fun and heartfelt way to share your appreciation and love no matter where you and your friends live. 

Once your rakhi gifts have been ordered and shipped, use Zoom or FaceTime to connect with your sibling as you unwrap your presents. Unpack them and explain the stories behind each one — your motivations for purchasing them, and why you thought that your sibling would love them. You can also exchange greetings via messaging apps. So, why wait? Start planning your virtual gift exchange today and make this Raksha Bandhan one to remember, no matter the distance. 


And there you have it, my fellow Gen Z cool cats! 6 amazingly cool and modern ways to celebrate Raksha Bandhan this year. From live streaming to hosting cook-offs and scrapbooking our memories, we’ve shown that tradition doesn’t have to be boring or outdated. 

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