Top 5 PC Accessories To Optimize Your Gaming

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​​PC gaming is the perfect way to de-stress after a difficult day, interact with friends online, and appreciate a fast-paced, art form. That said, to get the most out of PC gaming, you’ll need to get a few of the best gaming accessories. Although you can still play PC games with the keyboard and mouse you use for work, bear in mind that they’re not designed with ergonomics as a consideration.  

Bluetooth gaming accessories are fantastic if you want a clean, minimalist desk. Still, they can cause latency (lag), which is not very disruptive when scrolling online, but can be the difference between (virtual) life and death when playing PC games.  

Additionally, variety gaming accessories allow you to customize some of the features to your liking, particularly lighting, to add ambiance and uniqueness to your gaming experience. Here are the top 5 accessories you can add to take your PC gaming experience to the next level; take a look! 

1. Elgato Facecam Webcam  

An Ergonomic, RGB Gaming Mouse  

Enjoy the fresh 1080p footage with the Elgato Facecam. This comes in handy when playing PC games that allow you to interact and team up with your friends. With this face cam, you will look better than ever. With a 24mm f/2.4 lens,  this webcam has studio-quality optics. Also, Elgato’s exceptional programming allows you to change a wide range of settings, including white balance and exposure. So whether you’re playing combat games or having a video call with your friends, you’ll be able to see each other as clear as day, and then some! This Elgato face cam webcam only costs $199.00, a good deal for what you’re getting. 

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2. An Ergonomic, RGB Gaming Mouse  

Logitech’s G502 is a superior gaming mouse that impeccably supplements an RGB keyboard (though not having an RGB keyboard is not a train smash).  

The wired mouse has a 25,600DPI (dots per inch) optical sensor to follow your movements with pinpoint accuracy and uses spring-loaded mechanical switches to guarantee that the game instantly recognizes each click you make. The G502 has eleven programmable buttons and lets you set five unique “profiles” or button configurations to allow you to switch between various setups for your most-played PC games.  

An Ergonomic, RGB Gaming Mouse  

High-speed games require exact mouse movements, which is why Logitech incorporates five 3.6 gram weights that you can embed into an opening at the bottom of the G502. You can change the weight of the mouse to assist with improving your accuracy. The G502 has some LEDs on it, which can be customized to one of 16.8 million colours, so you’ll have the option to coordinate with the colour of your RGB keyboard.  

Logitech even took incredible consideration in planning the outer shell of the G502, which has a thumb rest on the side, so you can hold the mouse comfortably while living with resistance. The textured rubber grips on the two sides will ensure your hands don’t slip. You can purchase the Ergonomic RGB gaming mouse for just $37. 99. 

3. HyperX’s Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset  

If you enjoy playing multiplayer online PC games with your friends, then you know very well the importance of a great headset. It’s genuinely non-negotiable. 

HyperX’s Cloud Revolver is an over-the-ear headset with ultra-plush ear cups for extra comfort, and it also has a steel band for extra durability. This headset can support true sound system sound in addition to stimulated 7.1 surround sound, which will allow hearing any enemies coming from all distances. Plus, you can communicate with teammates in real-time, thanks to the detachable microphone that comes with the headset. 

The Cloud Revolver is a wired headset, so you have to keep it connected to your PC using a cable. This might appear to be restricting, but it also guarantees you’ll experience absolutely no lagging when you’re playing your game and find yourself in a high-stakes situation where you need to communicate with your teammates. You can purchase HyperX’s Cloud Revolver gaming headset for just $89.99. 

4. Andaseat’s Jungle Ergonomic Chair  

Extended gaming sessions can lead to serious back issues and pain, especially if you don’t have the right chair. 

Andaseat’s Jungle chair has ergonomic elements like a high-back design to support your whole body, height-adjustable armrests,  a lumbar pillow, and a headset pillow. You also have the option to move the lumbar pillow (up or down) to be comfortable, depending on the length of your back.  

This chair can be shifted back from 90 to 160 degrees, so you can stretch if needed or find a more comfortable position. Plus, its roller wheels allow you to easily adjust your desk’s positioning until you find the perfect spot. The wheels roll smoothly but are also not too sensitive, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally moving away if you stretch or reach out for something. Although Andaseat’s Jungle ergonomic chair is a bit pricey at $299.99, it’s worth it! 

5. RTX 3080 Mechanical Keycap  

If you’re lucky enough to have an Nvidia RTX card, you should wholeheartedly cherish that fact, relish it, but mostly flaunt it! With this very cool-looking keycap, you can do precisely that! This finely created smaller copy of Nvidia’s ultra-powerful RTX 3080 card fits cosily on the right shift key, and you can also turn on the cooling fan! That said, the most incredible thing about this keycap is that it will not get sniped by cryptominers before you have the opportunity to buy it. Don’t wait too long, though; this RTX 3080 mechanical keycap only costs $50.00. 

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