‘Pornstache’: 5 Reasons Why You Must Rock This Evergreen Mustache Look In 2023

Summer 2023 is official and many of us must be on the lookout for new trendy looks.

Well with that said, today we bring you Pornstache look for men. Anyone can rock this look, the reason being, mustaches are much easier to grow and rock than a full-grown beard. Plus, they can make your face change completely.

The ‘Pornstache’ look has been in the game for decades, so better to try it at least once in your life.

Many notable celebrities like Chris Evans, Henry Cavill, Chris Hemsworth, Jimmy Fallen, and Daniel Craig have flaunted the look earlier.

Chriis Evans - Pornstache
Image Courtesy: @jamiebroadnax/Twitter

But before you make up your mind, you should note that the look has many variations including a thick long mustache, elongated at the end with a clean face. So, in this article, let’s get into why should ‘Pornstache’ mustache look would be ideal for this summer.

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5 Reasons to Rock ‘Pornstache’

  • Back in the 80s, the look was very popular among pornstars and gradually became a symbol of masculinity and attracted ladies, also got it name ‘Porn stache’. Due to its popularity, men started getting rocking looks in different variations.
  • The classic evergreen makes a comeback every now and then. Now, with summer the time is perfect to rock this look. 
Pornstache Celebs
Image Courtesy: Twitter
  • Many men often find it hard to find the type of mustache and beard that suits them perfectly. This is a kind of style that becomes their go-to for the next couple of years.
  • As most of guys don’t like experimenting with their looks, the summer and pornstache are perfect if you are looking to change your look after a while.
Jimmy Fallen Pornstache Look
Image Courtesy: Esquire
  • Well when most of the guys are rocking a full-grown beard style, it is perfect for you to rock a stache. This will make you stand out and make you look effortless and polished. Plus in summer try going for looks that are easy to maintain. 

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