Railway Recruitment Exam 2021: If passed, know how long RRB will give you an Employment

All arrangements have been made to prevent any kind of disturbances in the recruitment examination of the Railways starting next week. Anand K., Director General (Human Resources) in Railway Board.

Khati gave information about the preparations for the exam in a conversation with reporters through New Delhi video conferencing. He informed that on reaching the room for computer-based examination, first of all, the candidates will have to capture biometric and photos. With this, there will be no scope for taking the exam by joining someone else instead of the candidates.

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However, the Railways have made special arrangements for the examination being conducted under the circumstances of Covid-19. In spite of this, if the temperature of any of the candidates who come to take the examination is high, then he will be given an opportunity to take the examination again. He will not be admitted to the examination center. All protocols of Covid-19 will be taken care of during the examination.

Employment of successful candidates within one year
Khati told that two crores 44 lakh candidates have applied for one lakh 40 thousand posts vacant in NTCC, Isolated and Ministerial and Level-1 in three categories of Railways. Examination of one lakh three thousand candidates for 1663 posts of isolated and ministerial i.e. steno, teacher, translator, etc. will start from December 15. One crore 26 lakh candidates for 35,208 posts of Station Master, Guard, Office Clerk, and Commercial Clerk, etc. in the Non-Technical Category (NTPC) from 28th December and one in 1,03,769 posts of Level-1 Track Mentor, Points Man, etc. Examination for 15 million candidates will start in April 2021. After completing all the exams, employment will be given to successful candidates within one year.

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He said that due to the circumstances of Covid-19, there has been a delay in conducting these examinations, but now they are starting. To conduct these examinations, an attempt has been made to give candidates a test center in their home state. Very few candidates will have to go outside the home state. Examination centers have been set up for women and PwDs in their home state itself.

Railways have also arranged for special trains to be run for the candidates to take the exam. In order to conduct the examination in a systematic manner, letters have been written to the Chief Secretaries of the State Governments on behalf of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Railway Board. In view of the obligation to comply with all protocols of Covid-19, more examination centers have been made.

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