Rollout of lithium-ion battery leasing for 3-wheelers in Kolkata coming soon

In a groundbreaking move, Neuron Energy and Urja Mobility are introducing a battery leasing model for e-rickshaws in Kolkata. CEO Pratik Kamdar aims to revolutionize the electric vehicle sector by offering lithium-ion batteries on lease rather than purchase. The plan is to replace lead-acid batteries with eco-friendly alternatives, starting with a fleet of 50 lakh e-rickshaws.

Neuron Energy, a leading lithium-ion battery maker, has partnered with Urja Mobility to kick-start the leasing model in Kolkata. CEO Pratik Kamdar stated, “Our focus is on providing GPS-enabled lithium-ion batteries for e-rickshaws, offering a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.” This innovative approach aims to address environmental concerns associated with lead-acid batteries and pave the way for sustainable transportation.

The leasing model works on a pay-per-use basis, similar to paying EMI, without the need for asset ownership. While the initial cost of a lithium-ion battery may be higher than a lead-acid one, the long-term benefits in terms of durability and efficiency make it a viable choice. The batteries are equipped with GPS tracking and remote deactivation features to address security concerns.

Urja Mobility will procure batteries directly from Neuron Energy and lease them to fleet companies and individual EV owners through authorized distributors. CEO Pankaj Chopra highlighted the affordability of the model, with a monthly lease rental of ₹4,500 and a three-year contract. This initiative aims to make green transportation accessible to all, fostering a more sustainable and eco-friendly future for electric vehicles.

West Bengal, known as India’s e-three-wheeler manufacturing hub, is set to witness a significant shift towards lithium-ion batteries in the EV sector. With over 12% of all EVs produced in the state, the transition to modern and efficient battery alternatives underscores the industry’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Neuron Energy and Urja Mobility’s collaboration signifies a paradigm shift in the way e-rickshaws are powered and underscores the importance of innovation in the electric vehicle sector.

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