Sant Kabir Das Jayanti 2021 Wishes: Kabir Ke Dohe and Kabir Amritwani Videos to Celebrate 15th-Century Indian Mystic Poet’s Birth Anniversary

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Sant Kabir Das Jayanti 2021 Videos: There’s no long introduction needed when it comes to Sant Kabir Das. He was a renowned saint, a poet, and a social reformer of his times. The dates of his birth and death are not clear; however, 2021 will be his 644th Birth Anniversary, celebrated on June 5. Friday. People celebrate the occasion by singing Kabir’s poems and reciting his popular Kabir Ke Dohe on this auspicious day. A lot of people also watch a lot of videos that are available from different sources on the internet. If you, too, are a follower of Saint Kabir Das and are looking for popular ‘Sant Kabir Das Ke Dohe’ videos as well as Sant Kabir Amritwani online, then you have arrived at the right place.

The 15th-century Indian poet and said, Kabir Das’ poems were written mainly in the Hindi language; however, a lot of dialects were borrowed, which included Braj. Saint Kabir’s poems were about different aspects of life, which are very much relevant and relatable still. The majority of his works included the themes of devotion, discipline, way of life, among others. As the decorated poet-cum-saint-cum-reformer celebrates his 643rd birth anniversary today, we bring you a collection of popular Kabir Das poems’ videos, which you will love to hear and hum all day long.

Watch Video: Kabir Amritwani (कबीर अमृतवाणी), Sant Kabir (संत कबीर) Ke Popular Dohe

The more we write about Sant Kabir Das, the lesser it would seem – such is his persona. One of the most prominent figures in Indian history, Sant Kabir, has had a significant impact on Indian society during his days. His writings influenced the much-popular movement, the Bhakti movement, back in the day. Not just that, his writings are also found in the verses of the Sikh community’s primary scripture, Guru Granth Sahib.

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Watch Video: गुरु गोविन्द दोऊ खड़े | कबीर अमृतवाणी | Kabir Amritwani | कबीर के दोहे

Sant Kabir Das was and happens to be, one of the legendary figures in Indian history. He left behind an unmatched legacy. Saint Kabir’s legacy is still alive after all these years through ‘Kabir Panth’, which also means the ‘Path of Kabir’. People who follow him are called ‘Kabir Panthis’.

Sant Kabir Das was born in Varanasi. There are doubts cast over his birth/death anniversary date, as some people say he lived during the 1398-1448 period, while some contend that he lived during the 1440-1518 period. He was a critic of both Hinduism and Islam at some levels; however, when he died, people of both the communities who followed him claimed him to be theirs.

As we celebrate Sant Kabir Das Jayanti today, we wish his followers to have a blessed day. We hope you would have loved our collection of the best Sant Kabir Das poems and would enjoy sharing this article with your loved ones.

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