Short Films: The Calling Card for Bangladeshi Director Nuhash Humayun

Chandigarh, March 29 (IANS) Nuhash Humayun, the director of ‘Moshari’, the first film from Bangladesh to have been accepted for the Oscars, emphasizes the importance of short films in a filmmaker’s journey. He believes that short films serve as a calling card for aspiring filmmakers, showcasing their talent and paving the way for future projects.

In an interview with IANS at the Cinevesture International Film Festival 2024 (CIFF), Humayun shared his thoughts on the impact of short films. He highlighted the role of short films as a platform for budding filmmakers to demonstrate their skills and attract potential funders for their feature films.

Humayun, known for his culturally diverse and genre-blending approach to filmmaking, credits his family for instilling a love for storytelling in him from a young age. His experience in making short films since the age of 13, experimenting with various genres, laid the foundation for his successful career as a filmmaker.

The director’s latest short film, ‘Moshari’, a 22-minute horror film, has garnered international acclaim and qualified for the Oscars. Humayun expressed his gratitude for the unexpected success of the film, which not only earned him recognition but also opened doors to new opportunities in Hollywood.

Reflecting on the impact of ‘Moshari’ on his career, Humayun acknowledged the profound changes it has brought, including collaborations with Hollywood studios on upcoming projects. Despite the challenges of independent filmmaking, Humayun remains optimistic about the future and embraces the unique journey that ‘Moshari’ has set him on.


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