The Animosity Between Veer Mahaan And Jinder Mahal Should Start In WWE For 4 Reasons

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WWE in recent times has seen a rise in the number of Indian wrestlers. Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal is also working in the current roster at the moment, but the Indian superstar who is hogging the headlines these days is Veer Mahaan. Veer Mahaan made a comeback in the next RAW episode from WrestleMania 38 and this time he has created difficulties for The Mysteries. But considering the push Veer is getting, can a feud with his other Indian co-superstars do something special in the future? We will tell you about the 4 reasons why the storyline of Veer Mahaan and Jinder Mahal must start in WWE.

Most of WWE’s shows take place in the United States. Hence the American audience has a huge contribution to making a wrestler a big superstar. Many Indian wrestlers have worked in the promotion of Vince McMahon, but they have always received poor responses from the American audience.

Probably this is the reason why most the Indian superstars have been working in heel roles. But when 2 Indian wrestlers face each other like Jinder Mahal and Veer Mahaan, then American fans can choose one of them and cheer them on. Let me tell you that Mahal has been seen as a heel superstar most of the time and there are possibilities from that point of view that Veer can be made a fan favorite by making the character of Mahal a vanguard.

Let me remind you that Jinder Mahal made his debut on WWE TV in the year 2011. He was initially shown as a companion to The Great Khali, but in a May SmackDown episode of the same year, Mahal interfered with Khali’s cam segment and Mahal slapped a wrestler over 7 feet tall.

At that time many fierce battles were fought between Mahal and Khali, but those things are now very old. Fans see the feud between 2 Indian superstars as if time has passed. On the other hand, now the storyline of Veer Mahaan and Jinder Mahal will not only be a storyline created from the angle of Indian vs Indian superstar, but it will also be of great benefit to Veer.

India Comes At The Top Of the List Of Most Markets Of WWE

If we talk about the most markets of WWE, then India comes at the top of that list. There are millions of fans of Pro Wrestling who do not miss a single show of the company. Even the senior executives of the company know how much it can benefit the company to spread its legs in India.

Who doesn’t like to see their country’s wrestlers succeed, so if the feud of Veer Mahaan and Jinder Mahal starts, then obviously it will be a big attraction for the fans of India, which will not only make the company’s Indian Fanbase increase but also improve its ratings.

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