Top 5 Real Benefits Of Vaping

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Vaping is the brightest, shiniest player in the playground of CBD products. And there’s more than one reason why many are flocking to vape juices and vaporizers, in place of traditional joints and rolls. 

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Why Choose Vaping Over Smoking?

1. It’s More Lung-Friendly 

Weed smokers know all-too-well that constant doses of smoke into the respiratory system isn’t exactly a health benefit. If you’re only learning about this here on our post, we’re happy we were at least a bit of help to you in the said matter.

Studies have shown that vaping is less dangerous to your respiratory organs in comparison to smoking. Smoke impairs alveoli. Alveoli are the tiny air sacs found in your lungs, specifically by the bronchioles. When they incur damage, repercussions are often permanent. 

Since vaping does not have the presence of smoke (only “vapour”), the risk of damaging your respiratory organs will be much less compared to smoking. 

2. Temperature Control 

Vape pens grant vapers the convenience of setting the device’s temperature on different levels. This, based on each one’s preference when taking drafts. It’s a clear advantage which it has over rolling joints and similar tools. 

Whether you are a novice to vaping in general or are a total enthusiast-expert, you will find this helpful. Higher temperature equates to more intense flavours, and correspondingly, stronger whiffs of that feeling of relaxation and stress relief. 

In the event that you want to take it down a notch, you can do the same. All there is to it is to adjust the temperature settings. Some vape pens have it on three levels: low, medium, and high. Others have the option for you to input the exact temperature and have it reflected on a digital and/or LCD screen. 

3. Pure, Flavourful Aroma 

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As earlier mentioned, vapes don’t emit smoke. The explanation behind this is that vaping doesn’t operate on “combustion”. “Combustion, being the scientific name of what is colloquially known as “smoking”. 

When smoking takes place, it releases chemicals and toxins that mix with the flavour of marijuana. Add that to how the burning process itself has a certain odour absent from vapes. Why is that? Because vapes are literally apparatuses that vaporize hemp. In other words, they “heat” up the product so that its vapours are discharged. 

You will very literally be inhaling vapour from the marijuana product. This directly means that vaporizers get to preserve as much of the aroma and/or flavonoids of what you vape. 

4. Easier Utilization 

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to be hassled by rolling joints and whatnot, the ease of use vapes offer is something you will appreciate. Add to that how you can avoid having to set all of the tools on a level surface and ensure you’re in an enclosed space to stop these from being blown away by the wind. 

Wherever you may be, indoors or outdoors, you’ll have no trouble whipping up your delta 8 vape juice and/or concentrates. All it takes is a switch of a button to power the device on, let it warm up for a bit, and use it accordingly. 

5. Supplier Contact And Customer Service 

Vape companies great or small that have an online presence tend to display outstanding customer service. This is because vaporizer companies that care enough to build their online presence and update their website/s regularly and frequently are just as hands-on when it comes to building customer loyalty. 

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Questions about their vape products can be coursed through their communication channels from online chat portals, contact numbers, to emailing. You can always reach out to them for inquiries about vape concentrates and/or juices you purchase, and other CBD-related matters.

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