UP Panchayat elections: BJP’s defeat in Ayodhya, Kashi, Mathura, SP’s hold strong

However, along with the counting of panchayat elections, both the ruling BJP and the opposition Samajwadi Party (SP) on Monday claimed that their candidates won half the seats of the district panchayat.

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After the defeat in the West Bengal election results, now the BJP has faced difficulties in Uttar Pradesh as well. The results of the Uttar Pradesh Panchayat elections are gradually coming out. In the form of political messaging, the BJP has suffered a major setback in these elections. The Samajwadi Party has claimed that in many districts of the state, including from Ayodhya to Mathura and Kashi, the BJP has suffered a crushing defeat.

However, along with the counting of panchayat elections, both the ruling BJP and the opposition Samajwadi Party (SP) on Monday claimed that their candidates won half the seats of the district panchayat.

Let us know that the panchayat elections in the state are not fought on party symbols, but this time both BJP and SP have officially declared the names of their supported candidates. The Congress, too, named its candidates on selected seats.

The BJP claimed that out of 3,051 members for the district panchayat, 918 candidates had won and another 456 were ahead.

BJP spokesperson Harish Chandra Srivastava said that his party was winning the majority of seats in the panchayat elections which was a result of the welfare policies of the central and state governments.

On the other hand, the Samajwadi Party also claimed that more than 50 percent of the winning candidates were in their support.

SP spokesman Rajendra Chaudhary said,

UP Panchayat elections: “SP-backed candidates have won more than 50 percent of the seats declared so far. The BJP has lost ground for its failure to provide governance not only in urban areas, but also in villages, especially during the epidemic. “

Let us know that by this evening the correct count will be known and the results of all the seats will be revealed.

Where is BJP in Ayodhya?

In Ayodhya district, there are 40 seats of the total Zilla Panchayat member, out of which the Samajwadi Party claimed to win 24 seats. It is being told that BJP has got only 6 seats. Apart from this, independents have won 12 seats. Many of these people got angry in the BJP and went to the independent elections.

BJP’s defeat in PM Modi’s Kashi also

In Varanasi, the parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP has also faced defeat. After the defeat of the Legislative Council (MLC) in Varanasi, now the BJP has lost in the Panchayat elections as well.

In Varanasi, only 8 out of 40 seats of Zilla Panchayat have come in BJP’s account .. Samajwadi Party claims that it has won 14 seats. BSP got 5 seats, Apna Dal (S) got 3 seats, Aam Aadmi Party and Subhaspa got 1-1 seats. At the same time, 3 independent candidates have won.

BSP and RLD in Mathura

In Mathura too, the BJP has faced a crushing defeat. The BJP was reduced to only 8 seats. At the same time, Mayawati’s BSP has won 12 seats and Chaudhary Ajit Singh’s Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) has won 9 seats. The Samajwadi Party managed to win just one seat.

Aam Aadmi Party also opened an account

AAP’s Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh said that 70 party-backed candidates won the posts of Zilla Panchayat members and more than 200 Gram Pradhan posts.

On the other hand, the Congress avoided commenting and said that they will share the list of their winning candidates on Tuesday.

However, a Congress spokesperson said,

“The claims of SP and BJP are false. While the BJP had announced its candidates, the SP did not even name its candidates properly. Both are claiming victory for independent candidates. “

About 13 lakh candidates participated in the panchayat elections held on 15, 19, 26 and 29 April. So far, out of about six lakhs, results for more than 3.27 lakh panchayat posts have been reported, for which polling has been held across the state.

In addition, more than 3.19 lakh candidates were declared elected unopposed before the counting of votes began on Sunday at 826 centers.

UP Panchayat elections: The State Election Commission said that apart from those who did not contest, 2,32,612 gram panchayat members, 38,317 gram pradhans, 55,926 panchayat members and 181 zilla panchayat members have been declared elected so far. As the counting of ballot papers continues, the results of more than 2.23 lakh posts have not been found yet.

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