VCS Match-Fixing Scandal, Atleast 32 Players Get Suspension For 2024 Spring Split

VCS or say the League of Legends Vietnam Championship Series has recently announced the postponement of the 2024 Spring Split after they found evidence of alleged match-fixing. The league announced that all games will be postponed due to “unusual data arising in matches.” 

However, they took things to another level when they also announced the temporary ban of around 32 players along with staff members from participating in any Riot Games events and third-party organized tournaments.

VCS match-fixing scandal sparks outrage in the media 

A list was released featuring the League of Legends players who have been temporarily banned from VCS. 

For those who are not aware, VCS is one of the most popular regions in international League of Legends events, Many Vietnamese players and teams have made their mark in the past years 

However, some players weren’t getting paid enough in major regions. So, it has been alleged that they were opting for other income methods like match fixings to boost their cash flow. 

The reason behind the shutdown was to find out if any players or staff were a part of influencing the result of the games. VCS publicly stated the situation-

“Based on the initial results, we have decided to temporarily suspend all competition activities of the following individuals and will continue to analyze additional data. During the suspension, these individuals will not be able to participate in any Riot Games Esports activities, including official tournaments or those organized by third parties.”

Out of all, 32 players and coaches have been temporarily banned for match-fixing in VCS. However, it should be noted that not all coaches and players are suspended. If they are found guilty then strict action will be taken against them. 

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