What does the Aadhaar chatbot use? Also, know about Aadhaar Handbook

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Aadhaar ChatBox, Aadhaar HandBook by UIDAI: The Aadhaar card is considered one of the most important government documents. Many information of a user is recorded in Aadhaar. The demand for Aadaar card to be issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is to fulfill many tasks. There are various schemes of the Central and State Governments in which Aadhaar has been made mandatory.

UIDAI provides many facilities to Aadhaar card holders which they can easily use. One such feature is the chatbot. Actually, people have many types of questions about Aadhaar, in such a situation, users can take the help of a chatbot to give an accurate answer. Through this, any questions of the cardholder are answered immediately.

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Actually, a chatbot is a software application, which acts like a chat interface. It answers questions with the help of artificial intelligence, ie the answers are quick and automated.
Apart from these, you can also take the help of the Aadhaar Handbook. UIDAI claims that almost every question related to Aadhaar can be answered through the Aadhaar Handbook. According to UIDAI the handbook can be downloaded for free. It is available in PDF file format at

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