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What happened to the Super League?

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The president of Real Madrid, one of the main promoters of the European Super League project, Florentino Perez, admitted that the tournament is “on standby”.

We’re going to provide translated parts of Perez’s interview for Cadena SER, in which, amongst other reasons, Perez defended the creation of the ESL exploring the following arguments:

  • Big European Clubs’ Financial Health
  • Disagreements with UEFA
  • The Need of A Football Revamp in Europe

Furthermore, we’ll also get important people’s opinion on the ESL, and in case you missed it, it’s a huge one. 

Let’s stick to Perez’s words:

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Perez’s Words

Some of the most important quotes from Perez were the following:

“The project is on standby. We are all together, reflecting on the future ”, and he insisted on the need to generate more income because“ we have to save football ”, which was economically very affected by the covid-19 virus pandemic.

“The society (which was created to organize the tournament) exists,” insisted the leader of the merengue club, despite the fact that “half has left”, referring to the six English clubs that were part of the project and that on Tuesday they announced their departure, without having fulfilled 48 hours after the initiative was announced.

“I have never seen so much aggressiveness, it was something orchestrated. It has surprised us all. When we broke the news we asked to see the president of Uefa and Fifa. Nor have they answered us. In 20 years I have not seen this aggressiveness in my life. Threats, insults, as if we had killed football ”,

Perez also denied that the Italian teams Juventus and Milan have abandoned the project. “They have not left. We are all together, seeing how we can generate that money with the agreement with JP Morgan ”,

According to Perez, “it would be a sin for us not to consider this format (…) Uefa is speaking for 2024, I don’t know where we will be. Nobody understands the new Champions format ”.

And he insisted on the need to generate more income because a lot of money has been lost with the covid pandemic. “Last season among the 12 (promoters of the Super League) we lost 600 million (euros) and we do not know how long it will last (…) the clubs are going to lose more than 2,000 million,” he said.

Important People’s View On the Creation of the ESL

The creation of the ESL provoked criticism even from Pope Francis, who through the Vatican newspaper, the Osservatore Romano, advocated on Tuesday to “stop” the “inconsiderate” Super League project.

In addition, the Supreme Pontiff warned that money “often ends up ruining everything”, also the world of football.

“Money, too much money, often ends up ruining everything, even the most beautiful things. Because money gives the possibility of buying everything or almost everything, it is the opposite of dreams “, begins the article, announced on the front page of the newspaper of Pope Francis, a recognized fan of that sport and a confessed fan of the Argentine San Lorenzo.

Likewise, in the text that was signed by Gaetano Vallini, it was indicated that the Super League seems to be exclusive, taking into account that it was initially devised by twelve major clubs in Europe.

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“More than an exclusive circle – with the best always together with the best – what has just been presented seems an exclusive group since soccer, as a sport, should have inclusion as one of its cardinal values”, it is indicated in the article entitled “In the Super League of the rich only loses sport.”

And it was also added: “The hope is that a way be found to stop this inconsiderate attempt that, in addition to sweeping away what little is still credible in the world of football, threatens to cause incalculable damage to the entire sector, considering the presumed decrease in interest towards national championships and European cups ”.


What happend to the Super League

Little by little, the European Super League has collapsed after a wave of resignations from the six English clubs, while Atletico Madrid also announced their retirement and the three Italian teams (Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan) admitted this Wednesday the failure of the project, which leaves this tournament mortally wounded just two days after its birth.

Juventus and AC Milan did not formally resign in their statements, but used formulas in which they clearly stepped back. Of the twelve founding clubs of the announcement-bomb that convulsed European football on Monday, only the two giants of Spanish football, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​would remain within.

Atletico was the first of the Spanish to back down and Inter, the first of the Italians.

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