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What is an SEO backlink pyramid? How does it work?

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If you want to rank higher on Google and also want good traffic, then finding good backlinks is not enough you have to think of an entire Backlink Pyramid that will boost your ranking and will get you good traffic, in the following article I will tell you how to get quality backlink from different websites and make a backlink pyramid for your website.

What is Backlink Pyramid?

The backlink pyramid is easy to use, easy to implement, and useful in many ways. The strategy allows you to send high-quality backlinks to your main website; those high-quality links improve the index rate of those backlinks.

How to build a Backlink Pyramid?

How to Build a backlink Pyramid

Tier 1:

This tire consists of a link that is directly connected to your website. These links are high-quality backlinks that are there to increase your SEO score.

Tire 1 includes: Article Directory, Blog posts

For example: You create your own article on another website and that website is linked to your main website

Tier 2:

In this tire we have a website which is linked to tire 1 website. It is basically a backlink for Tire 1 website.

Tire 2 include: blog post, Articles and content on HubPages or other official blogs.

For example: If you will add a blog on HubPages, that will directly connect to your social page instead of your website. That would be considered as a Tier 2 backlink.

Tier 3:

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This tire is there just to improve the index rate of tire 2 backlinks. That is why they are directly pointing towards tire 2. You have to create enough 3 tire backlinks because most of the 3 tire backlinks will not be indexed by Google.

How to Select the Best Resources for Link Building?

Link Building techniques

All the sources must have a good reputation, good quality, and must be dependable. To check the page reputation you need to check all functions. The content and post should be regular and new. It has to work properly and must have a good posting period. Also, check the traffic of that particular website. So collect all this information, this will help you in evaluating the reputation of the site.

The webpage with which your website is going to link makes sure that the page is relevant to the topic of your website. By doing this you will get the real audience on your website. If you post your links to a topic that is not related to your topic, then the search engine will consider your website as spam, and it will get penalized. Having links published on a banned page will have no benefits and no response.

Well looking for good backlinks is not that easy, I would suggest you at least look for a website which is relevant to your website And by looking for more such website which is relevant to your website, and having a link of your website in them will eventually create a backlink pyramid, which is good for your website to rank higher.

As we live in a modern industry where the internet is easily accessible, having more options is not a problem, but finding one which will be beneficial to you is a challenge.

How to provide a Qualitative Backlinks Building?

Backlink Buildings

Most of them consider these three ways as reliable for effective link building:

  • Backlink building services
  • Partner programs
  • Self-surfing

There are different assets to use for backlink building. These backlink building services available only to trusted links with a good rating and reputation.  There you will get the best offers except for the promotion of your site. This service can provide you high efficiency and quality for a relatively low price.

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But, for a partner program, you have to pay more. They present numerous pages that can be reasonable for you, and probably helpful for you.

How to Put Backlinks to the Right Site?

Put backlinks on right side

As we all know good backlinks matters a lot. Once you are done with picking appropriate backlinks sources, you need to choose the correct links to be put to the site. The search system can ban you if you put links everywhere. The website where you put your link Should have an article of your interest. It should also have higher domain authority than yours.

The key phrases or keywords should contain the advertisement for your website. It should relate to search requests landing on your website, and an article written on your website should be informative.

Your backlink pyramid must be very structured, elaborate, and logical to bring good and profitable promotion. If you are not sure about the marketing steps and the strategies, just use Cost Estimating Tool or turn to special backlinks trades. The professionals know, how to bring your site to the top quickly!

How does Backlink Pyramid work?

Backlink Pyramid Work

Let’s consider you have a website, and you want to get more audience along with improve its ranking. And you decided that you will achieve this by Backlink pyramid method.

So for tire 3, first you need to create a lot of spam links that will definitely don’t have any value they have been created just to improve the index rate of the tire 2 websites. You cannot have these links pointing towards your main website because that won’t be good for your website.

Now let’s say for tire 2 you have an article written on some other website of yours, which is not that important for you. Now link from this website will point towards tire 1 websites.

These tire 1 websites are very high authority websites, and these websites will be pointing towards your main website. These websites are expected to have higher domain authority and should be related to your website than your main website, only then these tier 1 websites are beneficial to your website.


We all are familiar with the power of backlinks. How backlinks are helpful to increase your website search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. Getting backlinks from the authentic websites, it is a great plus point for your website.

We all are looking for a good traffic and good ranking; Backlink Pyramid is one of the best way to achieve it. 

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