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What is Disease X: Increased risk of more dangerous disease then Corona, the scientist who discovered Ebola revealed

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What is Disease X: After the vaccine of Coronavirus was formed, everyone started feeling that now this deadly virus is going to be abandoned because in the last one year this pandemic has killed millions of people worldwide and Has infected millions. Approval has been granted for emergency use of various vaccines made worldwide and vaccination rollout is also being planned. But, despite this good news, it seems as if the risk of dangerous viruses and diseases from the world will never stop. In the future, there is a danger of more dangerous disease than Corona. The scientist who discovered Ebola has been warned about this. This Deadly virus has been given the name “Disease X”. According to the latest report, the world can soon be killed by this deadly virus.

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Spreads even faster than the corona “What Is Disease X”

Experts say it spreads faster than the deadly virus or “disease X” corona and is as dangerous as the Ebola virus. This is not revealed by anyone else but by the scientist who discovered the Ebola virus in 1976. The name of the scientist is Jean-Jacques Muyembe-Tamfum. According to him, everyone should be cautious, as more deadly diseases are likely to be discovered in the near future. Tamfum said that new and potentially deadly viruses like Disease Xare emerging from Africa’s tropical rainforests.

Future pandemic will be worse than Covid-19

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There are many diseases that can spread from animals to humans and all have the potential to be life-threatening. Talking about such incidents in the past, Tamfum said diseases like yellow fever, influenza, rabies, and even COVID-19 have come from animals to humans and have caused pandemics. However, a future pandemic may be worse than COVID-19.

First Case of Disease X

According to a report in the Daily Mail, one patient showed the earliest signs of hemorrhagic fever. The patient’s Ebola test was done, but doctors say it could be a symptom of ‘Disease X’. Once the risk of spreading the disease increases, more than a pandemic can cause worldwide trouble. By the way, the Ebola test of that patient also came up negative and reports suggest that it can spread as fast as the new pathogen corona (COVID-19).

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