Windows Gaming: Now With the Xbox PC App

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What can you do with the Xbox PC App? A lot. It enables you to chat with your friends across Xbox devices and see what games they are playing. What’s more, you can use the Xbox Game Pass to find and download new titles. There are more than 100 exciting high-quality options, plus all your favorites. You can even find plenty of cool slots and poker games similar to those in the Book of Ra website. So, everyone from casual players to online gambling fans can make the most of their PC by using the app. 

At the moment, you can download it in beta, but the Windows Gaming Flight also comes with a fresh version (you need to join the game in the Xbox Insiders Hub to find it). The test aims to improve users’ experience with the app, enhance the performance, and make the installation packages smaller. In a nutshell, gaming has got way better for even the biggest game fans. 

Bridging the Gap Between Windows and Xbox

Many Xbox users have waited for the two gaming platforms mashing together for a long time now. But so far, Microsoft has been able to come up with a few new features. For example, gamers have been able to chat with their Xbox contacts, so many have bought Xbox games for even PCs. The Xbox PC app makes it possible, and Microsoft has developed the application available for the Xbox Insider community. However, there will be some changes to its features, as it’s still in a beta version. Microsoft is getting the product tested by its trusted users and will be making improvements based on the feedback. 

Bridging the Gap Between Windows and Xbox

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Microsoft Gaming Test Flight is a version of the Windows Insider program that’s specifically made for gaming. As the name says, it’s a game for testing. It enables players to gain access to features that are still in the experimental stage. Some of these will be coming to the Xbox PC App. Maybe you’ve heard already about the Game Bar that allows testers to try out new widgets. Needless to say, Microsoft is expecting new Xbox Insiders to leave valuable feedback for future improvements. 

With the Xbox Insider Team constantly growing, we’ve seen many new opportunities arising. Everybody’s been excited to hear about the feedback that the Xbox Insider community is sharing. In the future, we can expect that the players can opt into the Insider program more easily and access the updates earlier. 

Xbox One Update Preview Flights 

With the Insider Program improving, the Xbox One Update Preview rings have also gotten better. Firstly, the number of rings has been increased with new names to rings that provide previews of the updates to the community members. 

These changes give the development team more thoroughly testing data. The Team Xbox has been working hard to ensure all interested players can leave comments on system updates. These comments can be used to update the features and make sure everything’s optimized for the users once the product hits the general market. It’s a great opportunity for all gaming fans to contribute to game development and make sure that the playing experience gets as smooth as possible.

Improvements Multiply Your Choices

Other than updating the Preview rings, Microsoft has also improved the console management. Xbox Insiders can now also unenroll consoles by other gamers without the help of support. And get this: as an insider, you can enjoy rewards for reporting bugs. To make the process easier, there’s now a tool for reporting every problem or unexpected behavior you might see as a player. And the system will send you a message if your reports get you some XP. 

Microsoft has also put a lot of effort into making the new programs more visible. Check out the new Xbox Insider Blog or the Insider Hub’s PC expansion. You can now take surveys and go on quests for even the PC-specific games. 

App and Game Flights

The Xbox Insider Team is collaborating with other game studios to allow players to test unreleased titles. For example, an Xbox Insider with XP level 10 and up was able to play Paladins already in spring. Then it was made available for everyone with an XP level 5 or up, and then for all Xbox Insiders.

And if you’re not already a part of the program, it’s super easy to sign up. All you have to do is navigate to Xbox One’s store and look for the app “Xbox Insider Hub.” After downloading it, you can also join the team and try out new apps and updates. 


Microsoft is constantly improving the playing experience for fans of video games. The Xbox PC App is the latest addition to their inventions that bring together PC and Xbox gaming. You can use it to get into the Insider hub that allows you to test out titles that have not even hit the market yet. What’s more, providing insightful reports about system bugs can get you extra XP. And the games are not the only things an Xbox Insider can gain early access to. Xbox console apps from Netflix to YouTube TV are also available. So, if you haven’t tried already, head down to your Windows 10 app store and download the application. It’s time to experience all the Xbox sweetness comfortably on your computer. How can you resist?

How’s been your experience with the Xbox PC App? Leave comments below; we’d be thrilled to hear about your gaming experience.

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