Moments When Jungkook And Taehyung aka V Were Best Friends That We Can All Enjoy!

Don’t we all want a connection like that between Jungkook and Taehyung aka V? The BTS power duo was never closer than it is now since the septet’s 2013 debut. As they have achieved major bestie objectives throughout the years, fans have praised their hilarious and wholesome antics. Let’s look back at a few of their most unforgettable past experiences!

Jungkook And Taehyung aka V Together

Given that they may have lived together for about ten years, it should not be surprising that the two BTS maknae, or Taekook as they are collectively known, would have a camaraderie unlike any other. Whether on broadway with their connection or in one of their well-known selcas, the two are a formidable force because they are known for creating a commotion. The only people gushing over Taekook are Taehyung and Jungkook.

And great news again for the army: we might see more of these heartfelt moments given that BTS will shortly be visiting Las Vegas. The septet is currently preparing for both their highly anticipated appearance at the GRAMMYs and their four-day Consent to Dance performance event in the city. The guys will also be presenting during the event, so ARMY has a lot of looking forward to next month.

They are brothers because of how much they love and care for one another. V, Jungkook, and the remainder of BTS are therefore obviously very close and in love with one another. Do you want to banish those midweek blues? The following are some of Taekook’s most noteworthy encounters.

Jungkook And Taehyung Snaps Together

V and Jungkook

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