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The Best Bingo Games to Play Online

Bingo has never been bigger than it is today. Even during its earlier glory days of the 1960s and 1970s, it could not quite match the degree of success it enjoys now.

The big difference in 2023 is that most of its many fans are playing the game online. Digital bingo sites have taken off in popularity this century and have taught a new generation of young players just how fun the game can be.

Online bingo is biggest in the UK, where more than 3.5 million people log into bingo sites to play it each week. It is expanding beyond those shores though, including to India, which is believed to have up to 3 million bingo enthusiasts.

One of the factors in the ongoing rise of online bingo is the range of games on offer at the various sites. That can also make it more of a challenge to find the best ones, but that is what we have sought to do in this article.

The 5 Best Bingo Games to Play Today

Superlinks Bingo

This is a very popular game that follows the classic 90-ball bingo format. It is a really good choice for people who are not that familiar with the rules, because it is a simple game to pick up.

With Superlinks Bingo, it is just a matter of crossing off numbers on the electronic bingo card as they get called out. There are prizes available for scoring either one or two horizontal lines of numbers on a card.

Of course, the really big payout comes if you get the coveted Full House – which means crossing off every number on the card. Superlinks Bingo is one of the many great casino bingo games you can play by creating an account at Monopoly Casino.

It has a top jackpot of £5,000.

Deal or No Deal Bingo 90

Bingo games often come with themes, similar to online slots. One example of that is Deal or No Deal, which is inspired by the worldwide hit game show and is the creation of Entain.

It is based on the US version and thus has graphics of silver cases rather than the British red boxes and is a 90-ball game with 22 prizes.

They are split between the cases. The price of the tickets determines the value of these prizes.

Should a number be called that is shared by one of the cases, the case in question opens and the player wins prize money. Other wins can be achieved by getting a full house, single or double lines crossed off on a card.

A full house also means a shot at playing the Banker’s Bonus with even more money on offer.

Bubble Up Bingo

The third 90-ball bingo game to make the list is this impressive game on offer at Monopoly Bingo and other sites. It is actually a game that takes its idea from a very popular online slot called Double Bubble and the lively multi-coloured graphics are similar.

There are fun images of pipes with big bubbles moving along them waiting to be popped when they come out of the ends. The game itself follows the standard rules of smaller prizes for single and double lines crossed off, plus a larger one for people who manage to mark off all the numbers on their card.

Then there is a Super 7 Jackpot activated if the player gets the full house on number 7. Finally, the Double Up Bonus means players win a prize of twice as much if they get one or two winning lines or a full house with a double number.

It all makes for a top bingo experience.

Fluffy Favourites

This is inspired by the slot of the same name – and further proof that slots and bingo are really closely aligned within the gaming world. Fluffy Favourites is a 90-ball game, but one with a progressive jackpot.

That means this jackpot keeps getting larger until it is won by someone, so there is the potential to win millions by playing it. That tantalising possibility can be unlocked for the price of a £0.05 bingo card at one of any of the major online bingo websites.

Each of the cards for this game has 15 numbers on it, which are divided into nine columns of three. Payouts come for a line of numbers, two lines or the full house, but the latter must be won after a maximum of 35 calls to claim the fixed game jackpot.

That jackpot is separate from the progressive one, with the latter being added to until it is won. Fluffy Favourites also has an engaging fluffy toy theme and bonus game for those who land the full house.

This brings prizes for players who get three gold coins on a winning line.

Blox Bingo

Blox Bingo is another game that has a progressive jackpot among its great features. However, the best part of it is its unusual bonus round that is activated when a player gets a full house.

It enables players pick up points that can be redeemed for further bingo tickets, which means that more games of Blox can be played for free. Tickets for this 90-ball game can be bought for just £0.10 at Monopoly Bingo and other sites.

Try any of these games for a great bingo night.

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