(18+ Only) Zoya Rathore Web Series List for 2024

Zoya Rathore web series, The famous actress is best known for her bold erotic web series and movies. Listed below are some of her best Zoya Rathore web series. Keep scrolling- 

Top 9 Zoya Rathore web series

1. Zoya Ki Pyaas

Hot Zoya Rathore Web Series
Cast:Ajay Bafna
Zoya Rathore
Rekha Mona Sarkar
Crew:Director: soon update

Stunning Zoya Rathore will be seen in the leading role. Apart from her, Ajay Bafna and Rekha Mona Sarkar will be seen in the supporting role. If you are looking for good erotic web series with enticing sex scenes then do check out this one. 

2. Current Affairs

Top Hot Zoya Rathore Web Series
Cast:Simran Kapoor
Shakespeare S. Tripathy
Zoya Rathore
Crew:Director: update soon

The Zoya Rathore web series is available to watch on Lust Flix. A perfect infusion of lust, romance and drama. The cast of the web series features Zoya Rathore, Shakespeare and Simran Kapoor in leading roles. 

3. Chandni Uncut

Best Hot Zoya Rathore Web Series
Cast:Zoya Rathore
Shakespeare S. Tripathy
Crew:Director: Alisha

Zoya Rathore will be sharing the screen space alongside Shakespear for the second time. It will be directed by Alisha. The story revolves around a bargirl named Chandini, she is known for her bold assets and can satisfy all your wild cravings. So, she starts sleeping with men to earn additional money. Watch the web series as the drama unfolds

4. Divine Love

Cast:Ranjeet Jha
Jyoti Mishra
Zoya Rathore
Crew:Director: Gabriel Mascaro

It shows a group of three friends living together in a flat and a group of girls living in another flat. Soon, the drama between them starts to escalate. The cast of the web series includes Vihaan Goyal, Tapasya Agnihotri, Bhargav Sagar and Rohan Varma in a leading role. 

5. Blue 2

Blue 2
Cast:Zoya Rathore
Ranjeet Jha
Crew:Director: Alisha

The erotic web series is available on the Hothit OTT platform. The subscription-based platform is known for bold web series filled with passionate love-making scenes. The cast includes Ranjeet Jha, Zoya Rathore in a leading role. It is directed by Alisha. 

6. X Girl Friend

Cast:Pihu Jaiswal
Ranjeet Jha
Zoya Rathore
Crew:Director: U.V

As the name suggests, it revolves around a girl that has a lot of wild sexual desires that can’t be satisfied with a single man. Make sure you are alone once you start watching it as it is filled with enticing love-making scenes so viewer discretion is advised. 

7. Adhuri Suhagraat

Adhuri Suhagrat
Cast:Zoya Rathore
Arohi Barde
Prashant Kumar
Crew:Director: SSK

The Zoya Rathore web series is available on NueFlix. Zoya Rathore will be seen alongside Tilak Baba, Prashant, Arohi Badre and Adil to name a few. 

8. Garmi

The web series is filled with bold scenes and vulgar dialogues so viewer discretion is advised. 

OTT PlatformTrii Flicks
Cast Sapna Sharma, Ayushi Bowmick and Pihu Kanojiya

9. Dream Girl

The story around a book that makes a girl crave wild sexual fantasies. Watch the web series to know what happens next. 

OTT Platform ULLU Originals 
Cast Pooja Poddar, Bharti Jha and Rajnish Jaiswal


Who is Zoya Rathore?

Zoya Rathore is an Indian actress famous for her work in adult web series, particularly for her collaborations with Ullu.

What are some best Zoya Rathore Web Series?

‘Zoya ki Pyaas’, ‘Current Affairs’, ‘Adhuri Suhagrat’ are some off her best web series.

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