10 Emiru No Makeup Images That You Haven’t Seen

American cosplayer and Twitch streamer Emiru has earned recognition for her cosplays and League of Legends games on her Twitch channel. She currently has over 1,100,000 followers as of January 15, 2023. In addition, Emiru serves as a co-owner and content developer for the gaming company One True King. Being a content creator she always has to wear makeup in order to ‘look presentable’ to the media. She is rarely seen without makeup, but when she does, she looks prettier than ever!

10 Emiru No Makeup Pictures:

1. Candid

This is from a meet and greet, where she had no makeup on and met fans, which is a rare thing for her to do nevertheless, she still looked gorgeous as usual!

Emiru No Makeup

2. Long Bangs

The hairstyle is basically a longer version of the preppy wolf cut, it is sleek and very stylish! If you need a lighter and airy look, you can always brush in some dry shampoo and it will do the trick.

Emiru Without Makeup

3. Outta Bed, Outta Head

What’s better than a nap which literally gets you thinking, ‘what’s the time, and why is it dark outside?’ Well, the answer is probably another nap. Emiru looks like she took this selfie after her nap, she has a fresh no makeup face and looks beautiful.

Emiru No Makeup Pics

4. Game Ready

Here she is ready on her deskpot chair, and well in front of the monitor. She is ready to stream!

Emiru Without Makeup Images

5. Mirror Selfie

We look good in the mirror and go on looking atrocious behind the camera. That’s not the scene for Emiru though. She is wearing no makeup and still didn’t fail to look pretty.

Emiru Twitch

6. Screentime

We’re sure, the people who follow her life probably have an unrealistic screen time because we’re so mesmerized looking at her do things she loves.

Emiru Twitch Streaming

7. Onesies

A onesie can literally make anyone cute, her wearing one with her goofy no-makeup face is literally making us all swoon.


8. Before Makeover

This is from a life where she is getting ready and showing off her makeup tutorial. Here Emiru isn’t wearing any makeup, and she is mesmerizing to look at.

Before Makeover

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