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5 Effective Innovations in Cannabis Growing Field



5 Effective Innovations in Cannabis Growing Field

As marijuana use grows with legalization across the country, vendors require more weed to meet consumer demands. Commercial cultivators are looking for cannabis innovations in the field to help increase their output.

These modern technologies and methods are also making their way into home grow setups. You now have the chance to try them out on your cheap autoflower seeds and see the difference. 

Why keep to the basics when you can increase yields and enhance the bud’s flavor with these strategies?


Stick with us to discover the top five cannabis growing innovations and how to implement them in your garden at home.

1. Vertical Farming

Are you restricted to a small space? Vertical Farming is the cannabis growing innovation for indoor cultivators with little room to maneuver. 

To maximize your space, stack your marijuana in layers like a rack. This technique allows you to double or triple your final yield. Your vertical garden needs to spread 360 degrees around a central lighting system with wooden shelves layered on top of each other.


This innovative method works best for smaller cultivars like autoflowers and stocky indicas. Stick to growing in soil or use hydroponics to maximize the crops’ output. Sativas get too tall, and cultivating in aeroponics requires more height.

2. Amplifying Terpenes

As a home grower, you know what caring for your crops takes throughout each growth stage, but what about drying and curing? These final processes boost the quality of your harvested nugs by enhancing the terpenes.

The old-age act of curing cannabis makes your buds taste better and provides a smoother toke. This final stage of perfecting your marijuana is now faster, easier, and more effective than ever. 


Most growers age their nugs in air-tight jars for a few weeks—now, machines exist to do the job for you! 

Amplifying terpenes requires the ideal environment, and this cannabis industry innovation provides just that. The machines draw out the moisture while maintaining the resin, locking in all the good stuff. The resulting buds come out a little stronger and sweeter.

If you really want to up the ante, technology is available that infuses nugs with non-weed terpenes to boost their flavor profile further. It might sound scientific, but this tech is available for anyone to buy—commercial and home growers alike.


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3. Genetic Engineering

These innovative cannabis products have been around a while, but we’re seeing newcomers changing the cultivation game. Genetically modifying weed makes growing your own easier and improves expected results tenfold. 

The most noteworthy variants in this sector are feminized and autoflowering seeds. The former produces female crops 99% of the time, reducing gardening expenses and increasing bud production.


Autoflowering plants get bred with ruderalis genes to make them hardy and resistant to most growing challenges. Autos flower without you changing the light schedule and provide multiple harvests a year.

The latest seed type to make a surge in the industry is fast version. This variant takes the best from photoperiod and autoflower plants to produce quick-growing, resistant crops.

In addition to these modifications, breeders are experimenting more with hybrids to create ideal strains for every type of 420 gardener. Expect to find popular cultivars boasting a range of desirable traits, including:

  • Higher yields
  • Optimal mold and pest resistance
  • Differing colored buds
  • Low THC and high CBD levels
  • Smaller plants

With these characteristics already ingrained in the seeds, you get to skip the cultivation difficulties and easily achieve bumper harvests.

4. Vary Spectrums With LED Lighting

More marijuana growers are making the switch from traditional HPS grow lamps to LEDs when cultivating indoors. Not only do they enjoy the higher efficiency and long-term cost benefits, but they’re also experimenting with light spectrums.

This cannabis innovation promotes further plant development and vigorous bud growth. How can you implement it at home?

Use blue light at 400–500 nm during the vegetative phase to make crops strong and healthy. When plants reach flowering, switch to a red light at 620–780 nm to increase nug production. 


Despite some growers arguing that full-spectrum LEDs are the most beneficial for weed, anecdotal evidence suggests these narrower spectrums increase the final harvest. 

5. Crop Steering

The last in our list of cannabis innovations does just what the name suggests—it steers your crops in the direction you want. You probably do something like it when you grow indoors already, as you control the environment for your weed to develop.

By taking this concept to the next level, you can impact your crops’ hormonal system. External factors make your plants excrete growth-regulating hormones, which you get to control. 


This means you can tamper with their biology and encourage them to produce larger, more potent harvests in less time. What do you need to do to your grow rooms’ environment to create this effect?

Give your garden 18 hours of light every day and higher amounts of nitrogen for them to develop quickly and produce plenty of foliage. When you provide more phosphorus and 12 hours of light, they start to grow buds. 

You can encourage crops to start flowering whenever you like using these parameters. Boost your chances of success even further with frequent and heavy irrigation during vegging before lowering it during bloom. 


Other tips for growing cannabis indoors include keeping temperatures high and humidity low in the veg phase and doing the opposite once they flower. By optimizing conditions for each development stage, you shorten the crop’s life cycle and encourage bumper yields.

Boost Your Plant’s Budding Ability 

These innovative cannabis cultivation techniques are effective ways to get the most from your marijuana garden. Modern weed is far superior to what we smoked a decade ago, and it’s only going to improve. 

Don’t let commercial cultivators have all the fun with these advancements. Implement them at home whether you’re growing a single plant or have a garden full. What are you waiting for? Grab a bag of seeds and start cultivating like a pro today.


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