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7 Hottest Jiocinema Web Series To Binge-Watch Only If Alone



5 Hottest Jiocinema Web Series To Binge-Watch Only If Alone

Jiocinema is the house of several webseries, the famous ones being some of the most horror, erotica, and nudity filled. Here is a list of the top 7 Jiocinema web series that you can binge-watch this weekend with your favorite caramel popcorn.

Hottest Jiocinema Web Series

1. Gandii Baat

Hottest Jiocinema Web Series
Cast:Avantika Mishra
Vanya Singh Rajput
Kunwar Vikram Soni
Crew:Director: Sachin Mohite

The adult Jiocinema web series Gandii Baat, which is available on Jio Cinema, liberates women from being bound as sex slaves in matrimonial cages by breaking free of rituals, traditions, conventions, and customs. Alt Balaji, Ekta Kapoor, and all other like projects are providing females who were previously just sold off to an unidentified man in marriage more and more influence. They now have the freedom to select and alter their sexual partner as they, please. To comprehend her, one must look at her body.

2. Bekaboo

Cast:Priya Banerjee
Trishna Mukherjee
Rajeev Siddhartha
Crew:Director: Akshay Choubey

Kiyaan Roy receives a life that seems as ideal as a dream, thanks to his bestselling erotica book by him. However, his deepest desires are for an entirely distinct type of pleasure, a wild enjoyment that comes with suffering. One day he realizes that someone has been keeping an eye on him and knows his secret. Someone who is also completely consumed by the joy of suffering. He sets out to explore his sinister thoughts with her, surprised by his good fortune and seduced by the chance. His expectations were exceeded, however, and he finds himself on the point of losing whatever he has ever had, including his fiancée, family, reputation, and job.

3. Fuh se Fantasy

Fuh se Fantasy
Cast:Milind Soman
Arjit Taneja
Nyra Banerjee
Crew:Director: Akshay Choubey

The narrative exemplifies the joy of contemporary partnerships that dare to embrace their wildest and most bizarre aspirations. One of the nation’s top content-driven erotica web series is this one. Each tale is truly interesting and has strong characters and a plot. The actors are excellent, which makes the situation even better. The sexual moments are artfully filmed and make sense of the plot.

4. Dev DD

Dev DD
Cast:Asheema Vardaan
Rashmi Agdekar
Suneel Sinha
Crew:Director: Ken Ghosh

The protagonist, “Devika DD,” is shown as a badass girl who exhibits her genuine self in the plot, and her performance is astounding. A completely new degree of feminism is seen in Dev DD. But it’s fun to watch! Additionally, it demonstrated how biased society is towards girls and delivered the strong message to “Don’t be a slave of society” and sacred “ZeroFcuk Theory.” 

5. Ragini MMS Returns

Ragini MMS Returns
Cast:Varun Sood
Divya Agarwal
Kunal Thakur
Crew:Director: Suyash Vadhavkar

Ragini MMS Returns is a Jiocinema web series full of erotica, and nudity but with a touch of horror. The series was produced by ALTBalaji. A perfect combination of horror and erotica to binge-watch this weekend.

6. Inspector Avinash

Cast Randeep Hooda, Rajneesh Duggal, Amit Sial
Release  2023
Rating 8.4

A crime thriller that revolves around Inspector Avinash Mishra as he tries his best to solve complicated criminal cases with dedication and determination. Played by Randeep Hooda, Avinash is known for his wit, intellect, and impressive investigative techniques. 

7. Tandoor

Cast Rashami Desai, Tanuj Virwani, Amit Riyaan
Relase 2021
Rating 5.6

The web series features Tanuj Virmani and Rashmi Desai in leading roles. Watch how the storyline is packed with political drama, love, betrayal and conspiracy that can lead to never-ending drama. 

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Ebanie Bridges Proposes Ryan Garcia To Collaborate With Her On OnlyFans Post His Win



Ebanie Bridges Proposes Ryan Garcia To Collaborate With Her On OnlyFans Post His Win

Ebanie Bridges, who’s a well-known boxing champion, trainer, and also a known face on OnlyFans, has recently offered Ryan Garcia something wild which made him quite surprised. So, Ryan was in a match against Devin Haney recently and he won.

Ebanie Bridges Proposes Ryan Garcia To Collaborate With Her On OnlyFans

He overpowered Devin and knocked him out thrice and claimed his win. After this match, Ebanie was stunned and made a statement online where she offered Ryan to join her on her OnlyFans content.

“Hey @RyanGarcia Brilliant win… @Realdevinhaney couldn’t KO you… but let’s do a collab on OF, and KO @onlyf**s too,” she said.


This turned out as a huge deal because offering something like collaboration on OnlyFans is a major adult-level request that Bridges made to the fellow boxing superstar. This has led to tales and controversy online right now.

This statement blew up and made it to the headlines because of her bold request and the controversy that has gained momentum behind it. This has also brought up past rumors which were connected to the same and other news.

Public scrutiny is at the top regarding Bridges and her relationship with Conor McGregor. The fact that they used to go out in public and they were in a whole relation in form to the media. Later, Bridges clarified that those were completely promotional and planned for the media and nothing behind that mattered.

However, coming to Ryan and her offer, the internet is shocked and people are now asking questions about whether or not Ryan should take the offer. Ryan has not stated anything from his side as of yet though people are excited to see what Ryan’s reply will be or if the OnlyFans will be full of Ryan and include new content out of the blue now. Only time can provide the answer for the same right now.


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Web Series

Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, and Where To Watch – OTT Platform?



Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, and Where To Watch - OTT Platform?

In this article, we’ll get to know about the storyline, review, release date, and more about the series and Season 3 of “Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare.”

Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare Season 3 Storyline (Plot)

Ronny tried his best to avoid politics all his life. But there’s always a way where he just finds himself in the mess. In this season, we’ll get to see his relationship more with Vhshvaji and they talk about the Blinders in the past. Robby adds in the comedic timing in the series and this season turns out to be just as humorous as the other one’s.

Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare Season 1 & 2 Preview

Ronny is from a village and upon shifting to a city, he lies and says that his MLA is his relative just because of their similar name. He has two close friends who don’t know the truth behind that. He also has a crush on a girl named Avantika but she’s too busy obsessing over his ex.


Ronny’s parents are worried about the fact that he’s not interested in getting a job or planning his future. Ronny’s sister always tries to get him in trouble because she suspects he’s lying about something. One day, Ronny finds out that he has the opportunity to work with the MLA about whom he has been lying all along.

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Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare Season 3 Cast and Their Roles

The cast includes 5 Entertaining Zakir Khan Web Series To Watch For A Humorous Time as Ronny Pathak, Abhimanyu Singh as Chacha ji, Alka Amin as Amrita Pathak, Kumar Varun as Kranti, Vyom Sharma as Anwar, Venus Singh as Avantika Sharma, and Amrita Khanvilkar, and more.


Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare Season 3 OTT Release Date and Time

The show will release on April 25, 2024.

Where to Watch Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare Season 3? OTT Platform

The web series can be watched out on Amazon Mini TV.

Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare Season 3 Trailer

Chacha Vihayak Hain Humare Season 3 Promotional Social Media Posts

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Monkey Man OTT Release Date, Cast, Storyline, and Where To Watch – OTT Platform?



Monkey Man OTT Release Date, Cast, Storyline, and Where To Watch - OTT Platform?

Scroll along to know the storyline, OTT release date, reviews, and more about the Dev Patel-starring film, “Monkey Man.”

Monkey Man Storyline (Plot)

A guy who is doing his best to make ends meet has a job that is full of rage and hate. He wears a gorilla mask and gets beaten up by fighters for money. This led him to keep his anger and rage buried under check which gets him going.

However, after he’s done with it, he gives up and finds a way to infiltrate the social group of rich people. While he’s gelling there, his past relationships and scars get blurred again, which makes him make irrational decisions.


Monkey Man Cast and Their Roles

The cast and crew include Dev Patel as Kid, Sharlto Copley as Tiger, Pitobash as Alphonso, Vipin Sharma as Alpha, Sikandar Kher as Rana, Adithi Kalkunte as Neela, Sobhita Dhulipala as Sita, Ashwini Kalsekar as Queenie, Makrand Deshpande as Baba Shakti and more.

Monkey Man OTT Release Date and Time

The film is made available to watch from April 23, 2024.

Where to Watch Monkey Man? OTT Platform

“Monkey Man” was set to release on Netflix on April 5, but due to possible religious backlash, it was dropped and eventually released in theatres. Now, it is not known when it will be released in India.


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Will Monkey Man be released in India?

No official confirmation regarding the same has been released yet.

Monkey Man Critic Reviews

According to people, they are appreciating the theatrical psychology presented. The thriller film is based on bravery and violence themes, which are portrayed well enough. People online are in awe of the direction and how Dev Patel has portrayed the perfect character meant for him. The background music is also credited for perfectly setting the tone.


Monkey Man Box Office Collection

The worldwide box office collection is around $28 million so far.

Monkey Man Trailer

Monkey Man Promotional Social Media Posts

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