5 Ways to Enhance Your Teaching Career

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Working as a teacher can be a very rewarding job. You can help children, young adults, and even mature students reach their potential and learn about the world around them. It’s so important to encourage a love of learning because it can do so much to help society progress and provide personal growth for individuals. If you have been loving your career as a teacher for a while now, but are ready to take the next step, here are a few tips on how you can make that happen.

1. Further Qualifications

The more you know as a teacher, the better, so considering going back to school to gain further qualifications could be a great way to boost your career prospects as an educator. Perhaps getting a degree that focuses on helping students with special education needs or teaching English as a foreign language if you’re interested in traveling in the future or another specialist area could be the perfect new direction for you. Look at these online competency-based programs for a flexible approach to gaining your additional qualifications as an educator.

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2. Take on Extra Tasks

If you want to get noticed by your senior staff members at your school, taking on extra responsibility is a great way to do this. Although a teacher’s workload is always big, it’s the ones that offer to run afterschool clubs, teach booster classes, or take an extra shift on monitoring the lunch hall that makes an impression. Be careful not to burn yourself out, of course, but if you can manage to take on that little bit extra at work, this will prove that you’re capable of working at the next level.

3. Go to Education Conferences

Another top tip for enhancing your teaching career is making sure that you attend education conferences to find out about new curriculums, teaching methods, safeguarding procedures, new studies in educational behavior, etc. This information will help you be a better teacher and implement these new ideas in your classroom. It’ll also show your initiative and how dedicated you are to your job. Reading specific teaching magazines and other publications will also help to keep you in the loop.

4. Always Go to Faculty Meetings

Faculty meetings are necessary so everyone can touch base with one another and work better as a team of educators. You must be a regular attendee if you want to make a good impression and be considered for a promotion. Not only will skipping these meetings likely lead to disciplinary action from your senior team, but you’ll look like you don’t care about your job. Of course, if you can’t make it for a valid reason, that’s fine; just make sure you are asking to get a debrief of the meeting so you know what’s going on in the school. You should also be vocal with your ideas in these meetings to show you’re actively involved.

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5. Make Sure Your Students Excel

Finally, you can do all of the above, but if your students remain disengaged in class and are failing to reach their full potential, this is going to reflect badly on you as a teacher. To make sure that you are the top candidate for a promotion to department leader or another senior role you’re interested in, make sure your students are excelling in class and respect you as their teacher. 

Teaching can be a tough job, but if you thrive off of the challenge and want to move forward in your career, use these tips to get you to the next level.

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