8 Trad Goth Makeup Looks To Try Out For A Grunge Aesthetic In 2023

Among our favorite makeup looks, dramatic, enigmatic, and intriguing trad gothic makeup has a special place in our hearts. Although not very functional for regular use, goth makeup styles have a special allure that is easy to draw attention to. This look has the power to completely change not only your eyes but an entire outfit as well as your identity! Here are the top 8 trad goth makeup looks for you to try out.

8 Trad Goth Makeup Looks:

1. Classic Trad Goth Makeup

It is impossible to deny the attractiveness and appeal of the black smoky eye appearance. It has a seductive, almost tempting aura resembling that of a vampire, making it the ideal choice for individuals embracing a gothic flair.

Trad Goth Makeup

2. Highlighted Undereye

Trad goth makeup is usually all about black, so if you need to go a little heavy to enhance something heres a way.

Trad Goth Makeup Looks

3. Friz Styled

Frizzy hair and trad goth makeup go long back because of how easy and natural they both look and the volume of the hair increases making the shape of the face pop out.

Trad Goth Makeup Tutorial

4. Dyed Hair

Of course, dyed hair goes way back! Trad goth makeup and dyed hair are not very common, but if you are someone of an easter person and a ‘Black Sabbath’ fan, here’s something for you.

Dyed Hair

5. Modified Eyeliner

Trad goth is very basic and goth lovers know the rule. If you want to create some modifications to enhance the look, eyeliner is the easiest and most noticeable out of the lot.

Trad goth Makeup

6. Subtle Trad Goth Makeup

This is a light-handed way of giving your face a goth makeup look. If you’re a beginner this is the look for you to start with.

Subtle Trad Goth Makeup

7. Ombre

The amalgamation of patterns and designs is the best way out. If you need a little ombre color to your makeup while the black becomes monotonous, you can try this lookout.

Ombre Trad Goth Makeup

8. Artistic Trad Goth Makeup

Not a trad goth look TBH, but you can use your creativity at all times, right? Here something very artistic and different, yet giving out the perfect goth vibe.

Artistic Trad Goth Makeup

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