12 Unseen Alia Bhatt Without Makeup Pictures

It can be said with confidence that the minimum no-makeup cosmetics trend has thoroughly established itself thanks to appearances on runways, the dominance of social media feeds, and adoption by adored celebs like Alia Bhatt. This minimal approach to beauty is now enjoying a big rise in popularity, and we heartily support this trend because it is practical, easily attainable, and versatile. Here are 12 pictures of Alia Bhatt without makeup but still slaying the fashion game, because that’s just the way our fashion momma is!

12 Alia Bhatt Pictures Without Makeup:

1. Love You, Zindagi

‘Dear Zindagi’ gained apparent popularity and compliments on her acting, her brave decision to go makeup-free in front of millions of people merits commendation. She is incredibly attractive both on and off-screen, even without any makeup.

Alia Bhatt Without Makeup

2. Travel Baby

She carries a casual black jacket with ease, matching it with a black bag to complete her simple yet stunning style.

Alia Bhatt No Makeup

3. Natural At The Party

These photos of Alia Bhatt without makeup were taken as she entered the screening event before she applied it.

Alia Bhatt Without Makeup Pics

4. Kitty Cats

She enjoys spending time with her pet whenever she has the chance to go back home. Her straightforwardness and down-to-earth demeanor, reminiscent of the girl next door, are much appreciated.

Alia Bhatt No Makeup Looks

5. Smoothie Time

She is pictured relaxing outside while sporting a laid-back black t-shirt. Despite having a fair complexion, she appears lovely and radiant in all-black.

Alia Bhatt Casuals

6. Robe It Up

Alia Bhatt unwinds in a corner of her room, looking revitalized after a bath. She can be seen appreciating her unaltered beauty while donning a bathrobe.

Alia Bhatt Without Makeup

7. Oversized

Alia has a strong preference for comfortable clothing. She loves dressing casually and feels safest in her own environment.

Alia Bhatt Without Makeup Images

8. Mum and Daughter

The stunning woman is shown in this picture with her mother, Soni Razdan. They take a selfie as she wears an informal white shirt and chooses to go makeup-free.

Alia Bhatt Mother

9. Morning Selfie

By sporting a casual blue blouse and covering herself in a blanket, Alia displayed her impeccable sense of style, and despite the simplicity of her outfit, she looked simply lovely.

Alia Bhatt Selfie

10. Beach Day

In this picture of Alia Bhatt, she is seen embracing her natural beauty and appearing makeup-free during a trip.

Alia Bhatt Bikini

11. Friends and Swimming

In a photo posted to their social media during their holiday, Alia Bhatt is seen with her pal and co-star, filmmaker Ayan Mukherjee, as well as her rumored partner, Ranbir Kapoor. Alia is shown in the picture without any makeup on.

Alia Bhatt Brahmastra Director

12. Hooded Cap

She chooses a casual, sleeveless top, wears her hair loose, and accessorizes with a hat.

Alia Bhatt Without Makeup

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