Anonymous Shooting Takes Place At Drake’s House Amidst The Kendrick and Drake Rap Feud

Drake, the famous rapper, is in the news, not just today. It’s been a few weeks since this started, ever since the feud with Kendrick Lamar began, and the two have been in the news. However, what happened in the recent case has blown fans’ minds.

Anonymous Shooting Takes Place At Drake’s House

At 2:09 a.m. Canadian time, there was a shooting that happened at Drake’s house. His security guard was shot. The shooter is still on the run, and nothing is known about him yet. The person who shot was seen to escape the scene in a car.

The police are after him, and everything is getting detected. The security guard did take the shot and got severely injured because of this. However, he wasn’t dead, which is a positive outcome.

“It is so early in the investigation that we don’t have a motive at this time,”

said, Krawczyk who’s in charge of the investigation.

The Kendrick Lamar and Drake feud has raised concerns about this shooting. However, none of this connects with the shooting, and Lamar is apparently in the safe zone due to this.

There was a song by Lamar where he showed Drake’s house and went on to spill secrets about Drake, which shook all the fans and listeners. Lamar also mentioned a song where he talked about a Chinese restaurant. After that, people go to the restaurant and leave good reviews.

The point of this whole thing seems that people are getting influenced through this feud. They are taking sides, and according to reports online, there is are high chance that the shooting was also caused by influences through the feud and the hate raps that the artists are posting.

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