Arnie Reveals Pic of Pacemaker, Assures He’ll be Ready for ‘Fubar 2’ Shoot Next Month

Los Angeles, March 29 (IANS) Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger has reassured fans about his health and confirmed he will be ready to start shooting for the second season of ‘Fubar’ by next month. Schwarzenegger shared a picture of himself with a heartfelt thank you note for all the well-wishes he received.

Schwarzenegger made it clear that his health issues will not hinder him from shooting, stating, “Absolutely not, I will be ready to film in April”. He also posted a photo of himself with a red wire coming out of his ear, jokingly referring to it as a “pacemaker” that is hardly noticeable.

‘Fubar’ is a series about a CIA operative who uncovers a family secret, leading him to return to active duty for one final mission. The show features a star-studded cast including Monica Barbaro, Gabriel Luna, Fortune Feimster, and more. Schwarzenegger’s return to the show is highly anticipated by fans and the cast and crew alike.


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