Video Of A Man Biting The Ear Of A Minor Boy On Live TV Goes Viral

A video is going viral on the internet featuring a man biting the ear of a minor boy during a live TV broadcast. The clip is currently trending across various social media platforms, spreading like wildfire and generating views in millions.

The incident occurred during this week’s BBC coverage of the World Snooker Championship when the disturbing moment was caught on camera while Stephen Hendry, a seven-time world champion, was speaking.

A grown man can be seen in the crowd behind him, whispering into the boy’s ear and trying to nibble his earlobe. A few seconds later, the boy waves to the camera, catching the attention of the man, who then pulls a silly face.

Video of a man biting the ear of a minor boy on live TV goes viral

The nature of their relationship remains unclear. South Yorkshire Police have confirmed that they are aware of the disturbing clip and are reviewing the content to investigate further. They stated:

“Yesterday, Thursday 25 April at 9.20pm, we received a call to inform us of a video circulating on social media of a man and a boy at the Crucible in Sheffield. We are aware of the footage and officers will be reviewing the content.”

Meanwhile, it has sparked a debate on Twitter/X, where many are sharing their opinions about the clip. Some find it disturbing and offensive, as it appears to show a minor being molested by a grown man, while others speculate that they must have a familial or close relationship.

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