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Bengal political parties launch campaign to encourage migrant workers to vote

Almost all political parties in West Bengal have taken steps to ensure migrant workers from the state return to vote in the Lok Sabha elections. Trinamool Congress has instructed booth committees to contact families of such workers. BJP has set up a special cell to compile data and assist workers in returning to vote.

Trinamool Congress leader Mridul Goswami stated, “This time we have specially instructed the booth committees to identify those families that have youths working outside the state. Their lists are being prepared and they will be contacted and persuaded to participate in the polling process.”

A state committee member of the BJP mentioned, “Once the data will be compiled, our respective state units in those states will be requested to contact those migrant workers and provide them necessary assistance so that they can come back to Bengal on the respective polling dates and cast their votes.”

The BJP is facing challenges in reaching out to migrant workers due to the lack of comprehensive data available with the state government. The cost involved in convincing the workers to return is also a hurdle, as many may not be willing to bear the expenses of travel.

Despite the obstacles, both political parties are determined to ensure the participation of migrant workers in the upcoming elections. The dialogue process has already begun with party units in states where the numbers of migrant workers from West Bengal are highest.


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