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Blast At Intelligence Wing Headquarters Of Punjab Police In Mohali: Key Points

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Disturbing news from the border state as the Intelligence Wing headquarters of Punjab Police in Mohali has been hit by a Rocket Propelled Grenade at 07.45 pm. No casualty has been reported, but the attack in the heart of the State has sent the alarm bell ringing in the security circles.

Blast Shattered Window Panes

The Punjab State Intelligence Wing headquarters is situated in sector 77 in Mohali. The explosion happened at about 7.45 pm. The blast was heard as a loud bang, and the window panes of the first floor were shattered.

The Mohali Police said that No damage had been reported in the blast, and no one had been injured. However, the top Police officials and the Forensic Team have rushed to the spot to conduct the preliminary investigation.

There has been a steady rise in incidents of weapons smuggling with the help of Drones, and on April 24, a huge cache of explosives was recovered near the Burail Jail in Chandigarh. Central intelligence agencies have long been warning that Terror Organizations are once again trying to foment trouble in the Border state. Therefore, the Intelligence Bureau, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), Military Intelligence (MI), and intelligence Wing of Border Security Force (BSF) have stepped up their operations to collect information about the incident.

Blast BY RPG A Worrying Trend

TOI quoting a senior intelligence official said that RPG is a worrying fact since earlier grenade attacks have been heard, but an RPG has been used for the first time. Neighboring State like Himachal Pradesh has also issued a warning that Khalistani elements are trying to foment trouble and have put banners and graffiti of Khalistan on the outer boundary of Himachal Vidhan Sabha.

Leaders have condemned the attack cutting across party lines. State Chef Minister Bhagwant Mann on Tuesday said that the State Police have already launched an investigation, and no element will be allowed to spoil the atmosphere of the State. Delhi CM. Arvind Kejriwal has termed the attack a cowardly act. At the same time, former Chief Minister Amrinder Singh said that this is another example of the State’s deteriorating law and order situation.

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