Hareem Shah Addresses Trolls After Her MMS Video Leak

A famous Pakistani social media influencer, Hareem Shah, is back in the news again. According to Pakistani news tabloids, her private MMS has been leaked online without her consent. The video is currently being shared on various social media platforms.

The alleged leaked clip shows Hareem in a compromising situation with an unidentified man. It should be noted that the identity of the man remains unclear.

Only partial clips of the video are being shared online. At the same time, many users claim they have the entire video and are offering it through a link. Apart from that, a nude selfie is also being shared, fueling the controversy.

Hareem Shah Replies To Trolls After Alleged MMS Video leak

As the scandal continues to dominate the media, Hareem released a video addressing trolls on her Instagram account. She asked if they had any shame in the things they were doing to her public image by spreading false information.

Hareem Shah further adds that such trolls must remember that they have sisters and mothers in their homes, so they should always be mindful of what they are putting out there on social media.

She ends the video by saying that she believes in God, and he will punish those who do wrong to others. She further states she doesn’t want to say much about the case but knows that God is seeing everything.

This is not the first time she has made headlines for her alleged scandals. Last year, in 2023, she became the center of the same controversy when her photos and videos in a compromising state were leaked on social media.

At that time, she stated her former friend was responsible for leaking the videos. Things went legal, but no updates were given later by her.

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