Petition Against Cody Roberts Demands Felony Charges For Killing Wolf

Cody Roberts has invaded the media headlines as numerous animal rights activists asked for strict actions against him. Cody Roberts is a man hailing from Wyoming, reported Times Now.

After brutally torturing a wolf, he kills the animal as well. This brutal incident took place on February 29 in Daniel. 

Reportedly, Cody hit the wolf with his snowmobile. Later, he took the wolf to his house. Then he shifted the wolf to Green River Bar, a local pub. He shot the wolf fatally at the pub. 

Reportedly, when Cody Roberts was inside the bar, he paraded the innocent animal, clicked pictures of it and then killed him.

A witness told the Colorado Sun that the majority of the people present at the crime spot, the bar, were Roberts’ family and friends. 

The witness said, “People were petting it, taking photos of it, hugging it. I want to be clear: He wasn’t kicking or beating or torturing it. The torture was in not putting it down when he ran it over.”

The individual added, “He was a jokester about it, while it was just sitting there bleeding to death.”

According to The Guardian, in the wake of this incident, the suspect was charged with a nominal fine of $250. 

Petition Against Cody Roberts

An advocate for animal rights, Tessa Branas, has recently launched a petition. She called the authorities and asked them to bring felony charges against Cody Roberts. 

Tessa Branas wrote in the petition, “I am appalled by the horrific act of cruelty inflicted upon a wolf by Cody Roberts of Daniel, Wyoming. Animals have just as much right to feel safe and be spared any unnecessary pain. If it was a person being tortured, the man would be in jail immediately.”

She added in the petition that she called upon Clayton Melinkovich, Sublette County Attorney, and K.C. Lehr, Sublette County Sheriff to charge the suspect with felony charges of torturing and then murdering an innocent animal. 

Tessa Branas added that the petition aims not to deliver justice to just one world but, the entire animal group and that cruelty against them will not be tolerated.

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